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My Conky Config 311209

My latest Conky config...I hope you like! It's nice and simple, didn't have much time to do it, what with the holidays! But I wanted to change to something that works well with Docky.

The .tar.gz file contains both my .conkyrc and the conky_widgets.lua file I used to create the config. Enjoy!
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NOTE: I had to rename the file to *.tar.gz for some reason or my archive manager can't open the files. Weird. Tested in Ubuntu 17.10
Steps to install:

sudo apt install conky-all
download files, name them *.tar.gz, extract them.
copy files to: ~/.config/conky/
run conky
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your works are so stylish, simple and beautiful! can't wait to try them!
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Im new to fluxbox but i want to try this on it. Love the style
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Really nice, clean and tidy and modern, thank you kindly.

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This lua script of yours is legendary!La la la la

Thank you so much for sharing!

This is an older conky but a great one. Only thing I want to add is labels inside like c00lryguy mentioned but I am not quite figuring it out. Any help would be appreciated.
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Not sure if you've figured it out already but the ${goto 999} syntax was useful for me!
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This may be a bit old but I still love it! Huge fan of minimalist designs and this is perfect for me! Gonna put some labels inside of the rings but other than that 9/10!
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Hi! I'm new to linux. I'm useing ubuntu 10.04. Conky run fine on my system :-) exept using lua scripts.:-( when i try to run conkyrc with lua script in terminal it print something like this!

Conky: llua_do_call: function conky_widgets execution failed: attempt to call a nil value

Please can anybody help me!
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Here you go! Thanks so much!

You're a genius.
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I asked on Flickr, but maybe you'll check this first-

Would you mind terribly if I ported this to Rainmeter? I think it's lovely.

And what font are you using?

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Hi, sure, I'd be happy for you to port this to Rainmeter! When you're done, drop me a link to a screenie :)
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Thank you! I'll absolutely link you to it!

I'd also love to use the same font you used- it's quite the perfect fit. Would you happen to remember the name?
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I believe it's Sawasdee, which comes by default with Ubuntu 9.10. I'm not sure if you can get it for Windows, though...I'd try first.
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Hmmm... I can't find Sawasdee for windows. Dafont doesn't have it. But I did learn that it's a Thai word! Something new everyday, right?

I hope it'll be okay if I post it with a slightly different font, then?
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Yeah, that's fine. There's nothing particularly special about the font, anyway, it's just what I use as my standard desktop font!
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Beautiful. ;)

Also, I mentioned it on Kaelri's Rings page- I've made a mini-version of his Rainmeter port of your Rings Conky config. (That was hard to say.) Would you mind, once he approves as well, if I released that too? I'd of course link you both to it!
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Yeah, that's fine with me too :) All my stuff is CC-BY-SA :)
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it's pretty enaugh to make me re-emerge conky with imlib and lua support. i want to write the name of every circle (e.g. cpu,ram) inside of circle, but i've used awesomeWm for 4-5 months and i'm SCARED to dive damn lua config.. Help! :)
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beautiful setup londonali1010, as always should i say :)
thanks for sharing and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you :D
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very nice!!!
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