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Conky Widgets Script

So, I wanted to make a system by which I (or anyone else) could publish Lua widgets and make it as easy as possible to build them into Conky. I’ve come up with a simple Lua script into which you can drop widget code blocks, some simple configuration info, and display them all with just a single call in Conky. That way, you only need one .conkyrc and one conky_widgets.lua script for all your widgety needs!

The .tar.gz file attached contains the basic Conky Widgets script; you will need one or more code blocks to make it work. For more info, please see the Conky Blog: [link]

The screenshot preview was created using a combination of my "Air" clock and four semi-circle rings. The widget code blocks for those widgets are contained in the packages below:
+ [link]
+ [link]

+ v1.1 -- Simplified calls to widgets by implementing a global drawing surface, and included imlib2 by default (03.11.2009)
+ v1.0 -- Original release (30.10.2009)
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I loved it since Ubuntu!
Would you mind if I port it to Windows Rainmeter?
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Thank you! ^__^ Love it!
I can't open your file plz help me open with gedit in nautilus but it have problem with archive i can't open
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Very nice , the best theme I have seen for conky , THANKS , but you say very complicated , some of the users like me are even new to conky & don't know what are you saying ?!
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I installed some conky theme's before but I cant install your Great one's , all of the conky theme's zip file's you upload to Deviant have a tar file on it that my Ubuntu 13.04 cant open them and Say : Archive type not supported ! I'm Really sad , Please say me what to do or give me a link for a usual type of this soon ! THANKS
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i am lazy) give me plz .conkyrc :)
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The counter-clockwise widget isn't working properly for me (the indicator ring is all weird). I'm not sure if anybody else is having this problem but I thought I'd post my solution.

To fix this I just copy/pasted the entire clockwise ring function and only changed




(Just the first line after "-- Draw indicator ring"). It now functions exactly as a counter-clockwise ring should, but with the same start and end definitions as the clockwise rings. That is, where the indicator bar is attached is the end angle, which still needs to be more positive than the start angle.

Also, thanks for the work you've done, I love it!
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gracias. muy lindo tu escritorio igual que vos. (:
is there a way to make the ring 'reverse' so if its ram percentage used can i make the ring fill up anti-clockwise?
love the scripts by the way keep up the good work
how can install this??
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First, you need to make sure you've got the "conky-all" package installed from the Karmic repos, or alternatively, that you've got Conky v1.7.2 with Lua, Cairo and Imlib2 bindings (you can check this by running "conky -v" in a terminal).

The rest of the instructions are in the actual Lua file (which you can just open in a text editor).

Let me know if you have any other issues :)
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ali u do great stuff, after seeing your lua's long ago,
finally making time to try it.
u rock
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