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Conky Config 171209

No comments...Except...Enjoy!

Extract this file to wherever you choose. The package contains a .conkyrc and a conky_widgets.lua script. I suggest you save .conkyrc to ~ and the Lua script in ~/Scripts.
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Nice - I have used this and modified a little bit
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Hi, i love it but my screen size is 1280x800 so i lost one part in the right side of my screen. When i can resolve the probleme.
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You'll need to play around with the placement of the four rings on the bottom right of the Conky. To do that, edit your conky_widgets.lua script. The four rings are called right at the bottom, by something that looks like this:

ring(name, arg, max, bgc, bga, fgc, fga, xc, yc, r, t, sa, ea)

...but with values for all the arguments. If you change the values for xc and yc, those are the coordinates of the center of the clock on your Conky config, in pixels, relative to the top left corner of your Conky.

Hope this helps!