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Conky Config 050110

My latest Conky config, although it's really only two widgets, my air clock (which you've probably seen before), and a new "calendar page" widget. To use this script, you'll need at least Conky v1.8.0_rc1.

Included in the archive are my .conkyrc and the conky_widgets.lua script I used. Simply save the .conkyrc to your home directory, and the conky_widgets.lua script to ~/Scripts.

Any questions, please ask!
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Very beautiful work thank you
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Wow really nice. the new rgba support is awesome
although i used conky to hide desktop icons behind it :)
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Yeah, it's a nice touch...Have to say, though, I haven't yet found any *really* useful uses for it!
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Where did you get the rc for 1.8? The link on the main conky website is broken.
How is the stability?
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I got it from here: [link]

Lots of annoying -dev dependencies to install, but figured it out in the end! It's absolutely fine, stability-wise. There was a problem with $cpu in the build I have, but I have it on good authority that it's been fixed now.

PS. Hello! Haven't seen you in a while!
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Nicely done :)
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