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To late to recoil 4

By Lompich
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Prey captured, submissive and docile, the serpent's stomach grumbled. He required one curvaceous and willing sacrifice to sate his kingly hunger once more. Such a fine girl cub, so happy to stay and be eaten, pleased to have the honor of becoming one with the royal body. She would slide down nice...and easy...the loose and bubbly girl slipping away forever, to eternal rest within him. Yet the poor king's belly still ached...he required...another sweet, stupid girl cub.....who might be fool enough to fall victim~?

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Quite the snack! A shame she’s not enough to sate his hunger. ;)
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And with her being eaten, it does not remind me of my fanfic I mentioned on the last one lol. Still though pretty cool

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Very good squeeze