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How old is your Lubitel? (it's first 2 digits of serial number, and you can find serial number at the bottom of your beloved Lubi)

Where did you get it and when?

And is it Lubitel 1, 2, 166, 166B, 166U, 166+?


I have Lubitel 166U, from '84 and I got it in February this year for only 35$ from local guy who sells vintage cameras :D
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serial number is 82028577 and i have 166B.
but i have something to tell you guys. i do not have the film for lyubitel. it is no way to find it in our city. i have looked everywhere. they not selling the films for lyubitel any more for a long time. so, please, could someone of you be so nice and buy for me 3 or 4 films exactly for this model of lyubitel I will pay you back. i really need the film to take a pictures. please respond. thanks a lot.
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This film is called 120 film or medium format film :)

I see you are from Azerbaijan. Well I'm from Croatia and it's also hard to get films here, they sell it only in capital city, Zagreb. One film costs me about 8$ (USD) and it takes several days to come to my town.

But hey, there's something almost as cool as this big 120 can load the camera with usual, 35mm film. Google ''35mm film with Lubitel''. I did this few times, just put 35mm film inside, glue it to the 120film reel (or something like that - improvize), and count 'clicks' while reloading film for another shot (if you know what I mean). For first shot you need to hear some 80 clicks, for second 50, for 4. and 5. - 45 clicks and for all other shots you need to hear 40 clicks. When there is no clicks anymore, you go at night to dark room without ANY light, and manually load film back to it's aluminum canister. Then go to photo shop for developing :)

I hope I helped, sorry for my bad English.
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thanks a lot my friend, i have understood and i will practice with this. it is really cool idea to use 35 mm in 120. i get some articles about it (thanks google by the way for them)/
thanks again, appreciated. i will keep group updated, how i am doing on this.

one question: why the clicks counts are changeable?
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120 film has 2 'parts': paper and film ply...and you can see frame counter on paper part of the film (through Lubitel red hole).

35mm film doesn't have frame count. Also you CANNOT open that red hole, you'll ruin your shot.
When film is being advanced (rolled) on 120 film spool (this is spool: [link]), film is being thicker and thicker on that spool, and it's just because of mathematics that 'click' counts are changing. Sorry I cannot explain you in my bad english, but it is like that. You'll find the answer something on the web :)

I wait for your photos! You post them to Lubitel group :D
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i did that already. lets see when my film will finish. :)
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i will begin it today.
thanks a lot. by the way i have couple friend in Serbia.
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Lubitel 166B from '81. i got it sep '10 at a bazzar in Afghanistan.
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Sorry I unintentionally declined your request to join our group, so please request it again.

Thank you!

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my father's he bought from a Polish that's all i know. it's lubitel 2
and it says made in USSR ın one side and on the lens writes 095481
can you tell me how old is my lubitel?
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Mine is a beautiful Lubitel 2. It's serial is 050344, so god knows when it was made. :D I purchased it for $13. And its sooooooo awesomely beautiful.
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I Have Lubitel 2 from 1977. Got it on online auction for $43 last month
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Lubitel 166B from 1988. Got it for about €15 from an antique shop. Works perfectly.
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Mine is from 1962 or earlier. My mother got it when she was in Odessa, which was part of a country that used to be called the soviet union.
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Mines a Lubi 2, '76. I got it from a camera store in Maryland that isn't around anymore.
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uhm, i have a fine lubitel2 (gotta submit a pic one of this days) but there's no such serial on the bottom, but there's written 064787 on the metal ring around the lens.
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oh, it was my father's. he bought it in a second hand market some decades ago, for what now would be more or less 20 euros.
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Lubitel 166U - no idea how old it is but it looks perfectly <3 Bought it few months ago for about 60$ from polish "ebay" ^^" Oh, just checked serialn number - it's from 1989 (still it's older than me ;D )
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