there are few things you have to know, before you submit your art:
1. there must be description of camera (film optional) under your deviation
2. we have no limits upload per day, but be serious and think about it
3. we are LUBITEL group

now are these rules written... have a nice day folks :)
we wish you happy xmas members of LOMO :)
What kind of film do you use in your Lubitel? With or without tripod? What do you like to shoot with your Lubitel the most? [portraits, landscape, street, abstract] Do you experiment with Lubitel? What has been your biggest experiment with Lubitel yet? Don't hesitate to share your own tips and tricks with the whole LomoLubitel group,  help us create the best LOMOWORLD
How old is your Lubitel? (it's first 2 digits of serial number, and you can find serial number at the bottom of your beloved Lubi)

Where did you get it and when?

And is it Lubitel 1, 2, 166, 166B, 166U, 166+?


I have Lubitel 166U, from '84 and I got it in February this year for only 35$ from local guy who sells vintage cameras :D
Dear Lubitel lovers, Lubitel is not a digital camera. Lubitel is camera which uses medium format film (120 roll film). It's produced by russian company Lomo. Why I write this? Because some clever asses uploaded digital photos (Sony and Canon) to our group! That's insane.

How I know that? Those photos have exif (in the right side of the website of every digital photo here). That's nuts. Let's remove those digital photos from here. Let's keep Lubitel gallery clear and full of (only) Lubitel photos!

Of course we will accept digital photos if there is Lubitel on them - this one is great example:…



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