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Reach Out and Touch... by Lomgren Reach Out and Touch... :iconlomgren:Lomgren 4 9
A Soul's Lament
Caring not, the wind blows.
Light extinguished,
        day becomes ebony.
Another life has left the world.
My.  Soul.  Weeps.
Sorrow falling freely down.
World shattered,
        relationship crumbled.
Pooling on the uncaring earth.
My.  Soul.  Weeps.
Time slowly heals wounds.
A glimmer here,
        light slowly returns.
The world continues to turn.
My soul.  Still.  Weeps.
:iconlomgren:Lomgren 2 2
An Unsung Hero
Of the greatest of heroes, of the ones unsung,
Only one holds a place; in my heart does belong.
Through the days and the years, watching what I'd become,
I was guided and helped - by my very own Mom.
From the start you did help, as you taught me to read,
And you washed and you cleansed every cut that did bleed.
From diapers and bottles, you watched as I grew,
And even taught me how to tie my own shoe.
You helped me through school, when homework I'd do,
And taught me to do what is right and is true.
When I'd do what's wrong, you'd punish me well,
The times I deserved it - too many to tell.
The times I did right, you showered with praise,
which was also needed for the child you did raise.
You laughed with the jokes that fell on your ears,
And you were a comfort when I'd shed my tears.
You fed and you clothed me for many a year,
And did what you could to soothe all my fear.
And now that I'm grown, you're still there as I need,
Still showing your love, a true parent indeed.
I now thank you
:iconlomgren:Lomgren 1 1
Old stuff - Get Well Soon... by Lomgren Old stuff - Get Well Soon... :iconlomgren:Lomgren 2 8
You're There
When life brings more than its share of downs;
When all I can do is just sit there and frown;
When the weight of the world drives me to the ground -
It's good to know you're there.
When turmoil and strife make me ever so weary;
When I am so tired that my eyes are quite bleary;
When I can't see how to have an outlook that's cheery -
It's good to know you're there.
Your care and your love both comfort my soul;
Your kind words of cheer do help keep me whole;
Your shoulder and hugs help fill a deep hole -
It's good to know you're there.
I turn to you when I need cheering words;
I know that you'll listen, and that my rants are heard;
I love that you're there, when my teared eyes are blurred -
It's good to know you're there.
So thank you, friend, for always being there;
So thank you, friend, for showing how you care;
So thank you, friend, for love both true and rare -
It's good to know you're there.
:iconlomgren:Lomgren 0 6
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United States
Current Residence: Misery - aka Missouri. (pronounce it)
Favourite genre of music: My music tastes are spread across the entire "music spectrum"
Favourite photographer: Not Applicable
Favourite style of art: Not Applicable
Operating System: Windows/Linux
MP3 player of choice: Winamp
Shell of choice: Conch... oh wait, not that kind. I generally use the default Shell under Linux
Wallpaper of choice: Realistic planet-based space scenes.
Skin of choice: For Windows, looks like Win98.
Favourite cartoon character: Too many to choose from.
...since I have written a journal page.  I know, I've been bad at keeping people up to date on things, but here we go, a quick synopsis:

Job - still going quite well, even through this economic crisis.  I'm glad I got hired when I did, I doubt the job would have been open a few months after I was originally hired.  Yay programming.

EGS Community - I'm still on the old KeenSpot forums on EGS Mayhem, at least somewhat.  I'm not nearly as active as I used to be however.  I feel like I've really lost touch at this point, sadly.  I should try to get back with everyone, but it doesn't help when it feels like Mayhem is dying.  I also have an account on the 910CMX forums, but don't use it.

Artwork - I rarely draw anything anymore, because my creative outlet is on Second Life.

Second Life - This is still amazing, and I'm still building and scripting on there, when I'm not taking a break to let my creative side relax.  Been doing a lot of commissioned stuff as of late, some game HUDs, buildings, etc.  I can do so much on SL it is not funny.

World of Warcraft - Yes, I have a WoW account, and right now I'm taking a break.  But I do have a level 80 Dwarven Paladin, and if you are interested in looking me up, just ask.

Earth Eternal - Look this game up if you haven't, it's a free, browser-based MMORPG that is NOT RuneScape.  It plays a whole lot more like WoW, but it is still in Beta, so expect quite a few changes and tweaks and plenty of bugs (report them!).  In fact, there was a recent one that caused a lot of... very vocal discussion, let's say.

StarCraft 2 - sadly, not in the beta, but I sooooo can't wait for it to come out.  Awesomeness awaits.

Anyway, that's all for now, and hopefully I'll remember to keep coming back to this.  Also, how did I ever get over 3000 pageviews?  Heh.  And now, bedtime...
  • Listening to: Blue FM or stuff from OCRemix
  • Reading: The El Goonish Shive forums, and many webcomics
  • Watching: The StarCraft 2 Website and Diablo 3 website
  • Playing: Second Life when possible, and StarCraft, Spore, e


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