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Welcome Ratchet and Clank fans!~ :wave:

Please do not ask to join this group,
all lovers of the lombaxian species are welcome!

Sorry I have not been very active on this group, but I'm going to try harder now. When I left my old account, I kind of forgot all about this group. But no worries, I am back now! And ready to kick alien butt! >:3

:bulletred:ABOUT THE GROUP:bulletred:

This group was created specifically for lovers of the Lombax species and lovers of anything generally having to do with the Ratchet and Clank game series. (And soon to be a movie!)

:bulletorange:ABOUT THE FOUNDER:bulletorange:

Growing up I played a lot of virtual games, and naturally, being a child and finding a game with a fuzzy cat-like creature on the cover was the best trip to the video-stores game section ever. Little did I know, this game would soon become one of my all-time favorite series, ever.

:bulletyellow:WHAT IS A LOMBAX?:bulletyellow:

A Lombax was a bipedal, humanoid species that originated in the Polaris Galaxy from the planet Fastoon. Known throughout the galaxy for their mechanical and technological ingenuity, Lombaxes were cat-like and completely covered in either yellow or white velvety fur, with orange or maroon coloured stripes running down parts of their body. They had large ears and triangular feet with three claws on each foot, as well as large hands with five fingers.

If you have any questions about the group, please note the Founder! Thank you, and have a Qwarktastic day!~


Gallery Folders

Clank by paris60
285/365  Ratchet meets clank by snatti89
Ratchet and Clank 10th Anniversary~ by chicinlicin
Lombax Secret by Farorest
Submit Here if Confused
Lady on mission by JinxytheLombax
Digital OC and FC Art
cosplay redrawn by studio-kun
family redrawn by studio-kun
Summer arrived by JinxytheLombax
mari and kodoku by studio-kun
Traditional OC and FC Art
You are nobody to me by JinxytheLombax
Mommas by JinxytheLombax
Awesome sister in world by JinxytheLombax
Chit-chat by JinxytheLombax
Official Art
Ratchet and Clank Q Force in Online 1vs1 Rank by nfhas
Gotcha!!! by nfhas
Gotcha!!! by nfhas
Me against Red-Lady-666 by nfhas
Canon Characters
Lesbean by Catakitsy
Ratchet by ooMormunaoo
Goggles by artsicat13
Three Fingers by artsicat13
Animations and Pixel Art
Three stupid angels (GIF) by JinxytheLombax
I dunno (gif) by JinxytheLombax
Pixel Pals by Sofie-Spangenberg
Ratchet Icon by xXBlueFireDragonXx
Sketches, Doodles, Reference Sheets, and Oth
Lombax!Clank Reference Sheet by artsicat13
Ratchet Request Sketch by LadyOyuki (MeowmixCat) by YPAJ
O.C. Sketch Dump by shamira-g
Ratchet and Dorothea by Raythial
Fanfiction, Comics, and Story Art
Toys, Figurines, and Photography
I Love Lombaxes! by chappy-rukia
The Space Stork Stopped By! by chappy-rukia
Hi There Baby Brother! by chappy-rukia
New Family Members! by chappy-rukia
3D Art
Angela Cross - Retrogasm 2018 Entry by oOmelazeeOo

Mature Content

[COM]: Samanan7 by Farorest
TinkerAuren by JinxytheLombax
Somebody touched my steak! by chappy-rukia


Please check out these other Lombax loving groups! :heart:

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:star::star::star:HELLO AGAIN EVERYBODY!:star::star::star:

I've finally finished organizing the "Featured" folder! Huzzah! Let me go ahead and give you a breakdown of the gallery folders and where everything should go!

:bulletred:Featured: Only the admins will have access to this folder. In this folder, we'll be featuring only canon characters and photography (i.e. cosplay or crafts). This is due in part because, during the organization process, I went through what must have been AT LEAST 300+ OC and FC characters. Thus, it would be unfair, in my opinion, to feature one person's character and not another.

:bulletorange:Submit Here If Confused: As the name suggests, submit your pieces here if you are unsure where your art should go. I or the Founder will designate it accordingly.

:bulletred:Digital Art: Here, you will submit pieces that were made digitally that INCLUDE YOUR OC or FC.

:bulletorange:Traditional Art: Same as the "Digital Art" folder, but this goes for pieces that were made with nondigital mediums that INCLUDE YOUR OC or FC.

:bulletred:Official Art: Any piece that includes official art from anywhere in the Ratchet and Clank series (this includes screenshots, boxart, etc.).

:bulletorange:Canon Characters:This folder is meant for pieces that ONLY INCLUDE CANON CHARACTERS TO THE SERIES! Even if 90% of your piece has canon characters on it, if there is a NONCANON character to the series (OC or FC), then please submit this piece to the appropriate folder! Additionally, genderbent canon characters are allowed here, as well as Lombax!Clank art.

:bulletred:Animations and Pixel Art: As the name suggests, any animations, gifs, or pixellated art goes here!

:bulletorange:Sketches, Doodles, and Others: For any unfinished work/WIPs, random sketches and doodles, stamps, character reference sheets, and others that don't really seem to fit into any other gallery folder. If you are unsure where something should go, place it in the "Submit Here If Confused" folder!

:bulletred:Fanfictions and Comics: Any stories, comics, panels, doujinshi, art with speech bubbles, or art based on or inspired by fanfictions goes in here!

:bulletorange:Toys, Figurines, and Photography: What the name says -any photography including crafts, cosplay, paper dolls, statuettes, and other merch that you would need to take a picture of goes here.

:bulletred:3D Art: Any piece that was created with a 3D animation engine or the like goes in here.

:bulletorange:Mature: Any risque or mature piece that requires a mature filter. Anything 18+ or not recommended for the younger audience.

:bulletred:Crossovers: Pieces involving a crossover of any series, regardless of what characters are used goes in here (i.e. a R&C and Jak and Daxter crossover picture would belong in here).

:bulletorange:Memes: Art memes, improvement memes, "fill in the blank spaces" memes, etc. goes here.

That should do it! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! I will occasionally scope out the folders and move things around if needed, but otherwise I'm relying on you to keep the group's gallery clean and organized! I put a lot of work into this, but it's a group effort to keep it that way! ;)

Also, if you have any suggestions or requests for new folders to be added, please let us know!

Thank you very much, everyone!!
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Igarax Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the add. If you want you can check my gallery. There is a folder named "Igarax Corps Icons, Buttons, ect..." I have a few Lombax text buttons & such all are welcome to use. 
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Thank you so much for sending an affiliation request to C-F-A-L-R!

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Do u accept pics OCs that are half lombax ?
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If I posted a crossover image I composed in Garry's Mod that featured a Ratchet model, would I be able to submit that?
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SacredRatchet Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2011  Student Writer
can someone tell me why The Lombax species was almost extinct?
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