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Frick you, I'm hilarious.
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My Bio
I'm Melmel, a genderqueer nerdlord. Please use they/them pronouns.

Favorite fandoms in no particular order:

Sailor Moon
Steven Universe
Sherlock BBC
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Star Trek
Star Wars
Doctor Who
Marvel Cinematic 'Universe

Top ten music artsits:

Black Veil Brides
Franz Ferdinand
Steam Powered Giraffe
My Chemical Romance
The Rumjacks
Alexander Rybak
The Dreadnoughts

Other stuff I like:

Magical girls
Learning about mental illnesses
Writing dark stuff
Dank memes
Rp-ing (Ask me about my muses!)

I'm also neurodivergent. I have Asperger's syndrome/autism, schizoaffective disorder, major depressive disorder, ADHD, generalized anxiety, and symptoms of dematillomania, depersonalization-derealization disorder, and avoidant personality disorder.

Umm, that's all for now, but if there's anything else you want to know, just ask!



I've made a new account. There's a lot on this one that I just want to leave behind so I'm leaving it. If we're friends, you can message me for my new username. I will bring some of my art from this account to the new one, but not all of it. I have learned, grown, and changed a lot over the years and I am not the same person I was when I started this account years ago. Far from it. Those of you who were here when I got started might not even recognize me at this point. I want a fresh start. I plan to be more active on my new account and post fan art and original art in both traditional and digital forms. Probably also pictures of my pets. That's about it. Bye.

Sorry for lack of updates

Sorry for lack of updates

I suck lmao. Updates on my life: I finally got on a sleep aid, Lunesta 2 mg. It works pretty well. I would get a decent night's sleep if only my freaking cat didn't insist on waking me up at 5 every morning because he wants me to let him out. As a result I'm a freaking zombie when my alarm goes off at 6:50 to wake up my husband for work and it's really hard to get up to wake him up. I watched The Avengers: Infinity War and almost cried. No spoilers but omfg. At least my favorite Avenger survived so that's a relief. My birthday is in 5 days. I'll be 26. I can't believe I'm already this old. Omg. My mom bought art lessons for us to do toget

I'm not dead. Let's have dinner.

I'm not dead. Let's have dinner.

It's been way too long since I logged in. I'm sorry. I don't have any ideas for art right now but I'll try to think of something. So I've been... okay, I guess. I'm still getting headaches on a daily basis, but I'm on better psychiatric medications. Unfortunately I haven't had therapy since December 2015 and it shows. Just because I'm not overwhelmed by psychosis much nowadays doesn't mean everything else is okay. I still have executive dysfunction through the roof and have trouble focusing on tasks. At least I think I've gotten my anger under control thanks to my medications. I'm trying to get my shit together and do things like clean my

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Thirteen4oneHobbyist General Artist
What's...uh, shakin'? You know, up in da hood, my homie shizzle for rizzle fizzle?
^^; Okay, failed attempt at new age lingo aside, hello! How are you, friend?
Oh hi o:
Sorry I haven't been on in forever.
I'm okay I guess. Still need therapy and not getting it, but at least I'm on meds that work.
How are you?
Thirteen4oneHobbyist General Artist
Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear. :(
I'm okay. Work's been a bit negative and dramatic lately, but I've been trying to keep my coworkers from getting down over it, which helps me also.

Trying to brighten spirits is what I try to do best. I don't always succeed, but I try.
BioteknosProfessional General Artist
Happy birthday! :D
AshleyLunarStudent General Artist
Hello there! Hug Just stopping by :) (Smile) Just wanted to say Hello~ Heart

Have a nice day~!