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Cat doodles

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Heya guys I wanted to remake this journal because the other one was old and shitty lol Anyways this is were I’ll be doing all my custom work I will only do three at a time! I can do: Anthro tootheyes Mobians Humanoids Regular customs: One custom: 100 points/1$ Two customs: 200 points/2$ Three customs:300 points/3$ Additional outfit(s) :100/1$ (or more depending on how many outfits you want) Full back and front view reference:500/5$ NSFW additions:100/1$ (to either reference type) ( females only sorry bois ;w; ) Complicated/extremely detailed designs:500 points/5$ Species customs: (Any species of mine) One custom: 100


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Beauty and the Thief |NaLu| 8

  Beauty and the Thief Chapter 8 XOXOX  Lucy didn’t have the slightest clue on how Natsu was still buzzing with energy. It was pretty crazy to think that he would still be jumping around, dancing… and well, doing Natsu things at a rather late hour.  They’ve lost track of time once they sat down on the grass and gazed up at the somewhat beautifully painted sky. Although, Lucy was pretty sure time had stopped right at that moment just so the scene in front of her could be burned into her mind forever.  But now she was sure she could fall asleep right there in the middle of the woods, despite the fact that Natsu was the


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