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Hey everybody! Hetalia Day (*cough*United Nations Day*cough*) is coming up on this 24th of October! Now considering the audience in our humble state of Utah, we are pushing our celebration to Saturday, October 23rd.

Now for the details! We will be meeting at Liberty Park, 3 PM. Liberty Park is downtown Salt Lake City, 1100 S 600 E. We will be meeting by the lake at this time.

For Hetalia day it is not required you come in cosplay of a Hetalia character, but it is a good excuse to whip out your cosplay again and run around in public feeling awesome, no? We will be taking pictures, perhaps a few mini photoshoots, and there will be a picnic!
We ask that everyone bring some item of food to contribute, though please note beforehand what you are bringing so we don't end up with fifty bags of chips and a can of soup or something. We will also need utensils, cups, etc. so volunteers to bring those sort of things are appreciated greatly!

Other than food, your cosplay, and yourself, there isn't much else besides your camera and excitement! It's going to be a blast, we hope you're and pumped as we are to get this party started!

So there you have it, everyone! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask either :iconkokoriyu: or :icontashacho:, we're here to help!

We look forward to seeing everyone there! Au revoir <3
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Wow, this sounds like a ton of fun!! Any idea when it will be over so I can tell my ride when to pick me up? I have tons of utensils and napkins I can bring, and I can contribute some French desserts! -begins looking through cookbook for awesome cake recipes ~ -