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what is this about?

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The "New DA" is a terrible UI. For 3 days people did not log in to the site to protest.

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U I? Sorry i don’t know what that means

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Really hope a better alternative to DeviantArt is ready soon, this if fucking awful!

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I know, I've been using the mobile today and decided which is worse.
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And if the requests are not enough for you, then you can use this:
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I have used it
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I did. If they force it then they'll watch the activity and number of users decline. If they're smart they'll listen to their users.
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I don't think they will listen.
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Deviantart right now...

I still think this is very stupid seriously. What a exigent community

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I don't remember anyone wanting to change the UI.  
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I’m gonna do it for a full week! For max effectiveness, I suggest you do the same.
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Oh, yes!
Since removed the html code, I can't do much with customization features.
What's the point of adding 3 notification buttons if one was enough to see everything?
Only 3 Custom Boxes.
No Birthdays notifications.
Icons looking blurry and big.
I can just scroll only down.
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I heard Artrise will use html.
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