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Hello! This is just to tell you that I made a video where I vlogged when I went out to take some pictures

Including these Heart :

Before the storm by lolnyny

Caramel by lolnyny

Freedom by lolnyny

Ink Black by lolnyny

Merle d'Amerique by lolnyny

Winter Sky by lolnyny

And some more...

You can go check out the video here: [link] 
It'll make me really happy :D (Big Grin) 

-Fanny La la la la 
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  • Watching: youtube till I die
  • Playing: watching gamers, I have no life and time
  • Eating: shistaouk
  • Drinking: Jarritos (sreriously if you can find this it's rea
In case you didn't know I make youtube videos here: MadMaracasOnFire

And I now have 2 videos that I made from the poems I post here on DA, which are the following:
Lonely Nights

You can go take a look at that, tell me what you think, and if you like it, you can even suggest me poems you'd like to see turned into a video!
I am actually going on Springbreak next week so I'll have the time to work on some vids! ;D
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  • Reading: school stuff :/
  • Watching: youtube till I die

Me and my bff Valeska :icongrisouicsh: have made quite a few photoshoots. We haven't done any in a while, but that doesn't mean we won't do more.
That said, all of the past photoshoots we did are now all up in video form on my youtube channel! YAY!
These videos contain not only the photos but also behind the scenes footage and some failed pictures aswell.

You can go watch the photoshoots videos here

⁓Fanny ;D
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I was tagged by :iconfanaticpassion:

01. You must post these rules
02. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves
03. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag
04. Choose 10 people and get their icon in your journal

01. I'm surrently studying cinema!
02. I also quite love photography and have done some photoshoots with my bff :icongrisouicsh:
03. I looooooove youtube and youtubers (escpecially Dan and Phil :3) (I also have a youtube channel : MadMaracasOnFire)
04. I can act! In fact I was in a play this semester and I had a blast!
05. I used to often come to the computer lab in high school with my friends and some of us would chill on DA.
06. I can play guitar and simply adore music of all genres.
07. I have a cat named Lady-Caramel.
08. I struggle with a lot of mental issues and take antidepressants for it, but I stay strong! *virtual hug and support to anyone struggling with mental illnesses, I know it's hard, but you can make it!*
09. I am infinitely grateful for the friends I have <3 
10. Poetry helped me sooo much in life.

Her questions:
01. What is the most beautiful place in the world that you know ?
El Salvador! It's such a beautiful country, escpecially the little town where my mom's from (Suchitoto). I love it. It's just so pretty. It's so sad that it's become so dangerous now. #NoMasViolencia 

02. If you could choose a time period in History, where and when would you go ? Why ?
I would go in the 80s to go to night clubs back when people actually enjoyed dancing much more than today and also because I really like the music from this period in time. I would also go to a paladium, it seems really cool.

03. Your favourite type of fictional universe : why ?
The kind of apocalyse/war universe or just a generally unstable world where there are people with special powers/abilities. I don't why specifically... I just find stories taking place in those kind of universes really interesting, it makes the characters powers worthy, like it doesn't just randomly exist, it's actually quite helpful, and I simply like the idea of special powers, it's just cool.

04. The worst and the best memories that you have of your life.
This is a really though question, but I'm going to answer my best. I think the worst memory I have is going in an ambulance and to the hospital for suicide attempt... And my best memory is the first time I went on stage when I was about 6 years old when I did ballet, it was magical.

05. One day, you become famous : who do you want to be ?
I'm going to assume that this means what kind of celebrity I'd like to be/what I'd like to be known for. So I'd say I'd like to be famous for being an actress and/or movie director and/or scriptwriter and/or guitar player and/or youtuber. Basically being famous for doing something I really love to do.
If that question was meant to be which celebrity I'd like to be for one day; I think my answer would be the Dalaï-lama. It's werid but, I'd feel good about myself and I feel like that would be a very interesting and insightful day.

06. Chocolate or vanilla ?
This is sooo hard because I REALLY love both... But I guess... Chocolate. 

07. Jedi or Sith ?
I have no idea what these two really mean I never really watched Star Wars.... sorry. Don't kill me. ......OK. OK. I'll watch it... calm down. Like one of them. One day.

08. Sociopath or psychopath ?
Heummm..... Sociopath?

09. LOTR or The Hobbit ?
Lord Of The Ring!

10. What is the name of your best friend ?
Valeska! :icongrisouicsh: (you can tell she's my bff I legit tagged her 3 times in this XD)

I tag the following people:
:icongrisouicsh: , :icongrovideria: , :iconyokoky: , :iconjoe-maccer: , :iconamykphotos: , :iconmomentsaw: , :iconkpekep: , :iconmaxlake2: , :icon4steex: , and :iconwetterlage:

My questions: 
01. When and how did you find DeviantART?
02. What's you favorite thing in the whole world?
03. What's the dumbest thing you own?
04. What's your favorite holliday?
05. What do you love/hate the most about christmas?
06. What's your oldest memory?
07. What did you do today?
08. Partying or gaming?
09. Black & white or multicolor?
10. Favorite TV show and/or Youtuber?
  • How long have you been on DeviantArt? Since I was 14, it's been 3 years.

  • What does your username mean? When I was younger I really liked the word "lol" and my name is Fanny which is where "nyny" comes from! 
  • Describe yourself in three words. Weird Diversity proud

  • Are you left or right handed? right handed

  • What was your first deviation? "Me in glee by Lolnyny" I don't know why "by Lolnyny" is in the title tho! XD I photoshopped digital arts into me as a glee character... I love glee ok.

  • What is your favourite type of art to create? Poetry

  • If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? Drawing

  • What was your first favourite? "Princesa Peach" by Pinkcezita. I was 14. I LOVED (and still do) mario bros... 

  • What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? Photography and digital art

  • Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? That's a really tuff question... My favorite poet is WordOfChen, favorite photographers are LashelleValentine and iNeedChemicalX (they're different type of photographers), favorite painter is AnnMarieBone, favorite digital artists are AquaSixio and DestinyBlue, favorite artisan is melkatsa.

  • If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? YOKOKY and KeKoCoke, Yall are really nice :)

  • How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? grisouICSH (my bff) by pushing me to do photoshoots with her, it's really nice. Also grovideria, my sister, she introduced me to deviantart. And also all of the artists I watch by creating, I like to start the day with something nice to watch or read.

  • What are your preferred tools to create art? My phone, I always have idea of poems in the bus or when I'm about to sleep, so I write it down on my phone. Also, online riming dictionary can come in handy. When I do photography I like to use iPiccy (online photo editor) to edit.

  • What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? In front of a window in a moving vehicule or in my bed in the dark. It just gets me thinking and I just get lost and find ideas.

  • What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? In high school during lunch time me and my friend would sometimes go to the computer lab and just look at art or fool around on DA muro. One day one of our favorite teacher was watching the kids over at the lab and he took control of our computer and joked with DA muro with us!

As you may know me and my friend Valeska (grisouICSH) every once in a while make photoshoots together and we post it on her deviantART account (because she's the one who comes up with the idea, chose the outfits, etc.. I'm just taking pictures and posing) and I have a youtube channel (MadMaracasOnFire) where I make videos.

I've made two videos with all of our photoshoots (including only few of our photos) and behind the scenes of them (I filmed a little bit when we were making the photoshoots or meanwhile editing the pictures). When we make more photoshoots I'll make new videos too. 
So if you are interested you can go check out my channel, where I posted the videos about the photoshoots and where I am also planning on uploading videos of me reciting some of the poems I wrote here on DeviantART (if you have any suggestion I'll gladly take them).
Also if you want to see our photoshoots you can go check that out on Valeska DeviantART, I'm going to put links at the end of this journal entry.

My Youtube channel: 
Valeska's DeviantART (there is a folder for each photoshoot in her gallery): 
First video for the photoshoots: Photoshoots video #1 (with Valeska Bastien)
Second video for the photoshoots: Photoshoots video #2 with Valeska Bastien
  • Listening to: Happy Little Pill by Troye Sivan
  • Watching: YOUTUBE (haha' I'm obssesd)
wow! soo many people favorited my last photos :o (in the collection of ''Travelling'' in my gallerie) ! Also I received some llama badges and watched! :D Thank you soo mcuh to you! :) (Smile) I normally thanks everyone in person, but there's too much people this time! I am a dummy! La la la la :happybounce: Huggle! Walking llama So happy Tard Happy Fav Blushy :hello: Happycrynod _v2 :bademoticon: :jumpingjacks:
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Hi everyone!!!
So I started learning Guitar a little while ago, and lately I composed a song with my guitar for the very first time!!!
Please support me! I posted the video on Youtube,
Here's the link:…
Hope you like it! ;D
  • Listening to: First Step by Lolnyny

Titanium by Lilymint7
*About to attack this Extrem week! 

Pink Guittar by lolnyny

*Last Guitarre practise befor the show!

Exam Time by adementedchief

*Studying hard for my 3 exams this week... I Can't.


Dance with me by cerise-agressive
*Big General for my Dance show

Exam Fever by KaelNgu
*3 exams, still studying!

David Guetta / Sia - Titanium (Pinkie and Twi) by AdrianImpalaMata
*It's Friday finally! Playing Titanium on my guitarre to change my mind! :)


To sleep... by khavi

*So exhausted! I'm sleeping after this week... *-*

Beat by OptimusPraino

**Today afternoon. *The dance show I prepared for all year long! (Saturday)

Happy Birthday Cake by angelinthedark1
**Today afternoon. *Celebrating my BDay with my family after my show! :) (Saturday) 

Ps: My real Birthday was the 5th of June last week.

guitarr solo by MadeOfFire

**Tomorrow. *My guitare concert where I'll play: A Thousand Years by Christina Perry and Summer Paradise by Simple Plan! (Sunday)

...I have 3 other exams to study :s


.Sleep. by trisis
*After this I'm defenitly exhausted again!




This was MyWeekThroughArt. How was yours?

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Happy holiday everybody!!!
Holydays are typically happy
But you can rather have a blue or a merry Christmas
It often arrive that you've got some complication with the family,
That you miss someone,
That your parents' divorce
Or Christmas just seem to arrive at the wrong moment in your life...
But other Christmas are more jolly then others,
Sometimes we don't know why,
We are simply happy
But no matter what, in the holidays,
It always have a happy side
But the thru is that the only thing that make your Christmas merry or blue is you.
It's all about the heart,
If inside your heart, no matter what,
You chose to be happy, you decide that your Christmas is merry then...
Well not only you would have a merry Christmas but your joy will light up the others hearts in the room.
So please these holidays, just believe that it's a merry Christmas,
Be filled with happiness and spread your joy everywhere you go
and let the holidays be merry!
Happy Holiday everybody!!!! :D
Hi! I know I didn't submit anything since some times but I was pretty busy and I didn't have that much inspiration... The only art I had done was in my agenda... XD So now, I had inspiration recently, 2 ideas more sad, at the beginning/ middle of the week for poetry so I'll publish them just after this journal...There are really sad and now it's going to be holidays and I am more happy now so to not depressed too much after the sad poems I have a happy holiday journal. I also have a love poem that I wrote yesterday that I am going to post after this journal and also a holiday's journal!

Yoshi in clay B4 painting!!!

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 7, 2012, 2:38 PM
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Another title!
Some sample text!

We all like sample text :D

I told you that I do clay, maybe a Yoshi so there is my Yoshi:…
Tomorrow: painting! as soon as I finished it I'll post it here, on DevientArt! Hope you like it. ;)

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Lolnyny: my first entry!

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 7, 2012, 8:28 AM
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Another title!
Some sample text!

We all like sample text :D

Hey! My nickname is Lolnyny, I'm a mario bros ang Glee fan and I love to do some creations with clay but I just started and I must be out of time in september but I have something for this august. I know now I don't have a lot in my galerie but it will come because I'm just about to star a new project in clay (like my cupcake) about the mario bros! It must be Yoshi but I'm not 100% shure now. Well I prupose you to also see the arts from Grovidera, she is my sister and she is really good for photos! And if like me you're a marios bros fan, take a look to the group: MarioXandXfriends and if you're a glee fan take a look at the group: Gleeclub.

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