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By lolly

dav5 aka dav5 web 2.0!

So, here is yet another sneak peek at where version 5 is heading! The future of deviantART is now! Taking a cue from the stylish and extremely marketable approach happening within the world of Web 2.0 design, we have come up with something entirely new! Thrown the baby out with the bathwater and said damn the consequences!

We realize this may be a pretty drastic change to some of you, but there is still some of the DA quality, it retains the green, and it retains the fun cutting edge style we have always had! Now with tons of added fun and that smooth clean bubbly look that put Bill Gates and company on the map! We are confident that by making this change we are bringing deviantART further into becoming more of an application as opposed to just a website. An application of massively enjoyable potential! Stay tuned for an open beta testing to all users, free, subscribed, and even if you are not logged in within the next week!

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ansi86's avatar
aww, I missed the april fool's joke, and the image 404's. :(

ps: xampp is awesome.
ansi86's avatar
wait a sec, that was a re-direct to my server... I look like a retard now... lol. What's up with that localhost re-direct? Or wtf just happened there? lol.
StarsWarsGuy's avatar
APRIL FOOLS! Anyway does not work!!
Daniel-Hunt's avatar
*Is starting to wish that version of dAv5 wasn't an april fools joke...*
Nerd4Life's avatar
aw but i wanted a beer rainbow ^.^
Icix's avatar
R-A-e's avatar
sorry to say, but bad typo~ can't help notice that the dated posted was 1st of april... i hope it's all about that.
eulbeht's avatar
not even close to good

where are you headed to?
mrv1221's avatar
kick @*# man its sweet i cant wait
tell me if theres any updates
T1SF's avatar
dude, it's a joke. check the date it was posted on
jacysun's avatar
i had a fart machine
o0xxPaperFlowersxx0o's avatar
ewwwwy that's not even funny
Oscelot's avatar
Japanese notes have a purpose? are you being silly or are you leading us on a quest?
(yes, I know this was april fools, but still.. knowing you guys it's a quest within a joke ;)
niennita's avatar
cinco's avatar
holy shit. the sky is falling.
S-akuraF-ox's avatar
HOLY CRAP! I saw it.
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