Weekly Community Development Update 08-02-06
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Published: August 3, 2006


As the Director of Community Development I am the person who represents your voice to the rest of the deviantART administration. I'm ultimately in charge of the Help Desk, the Copyright & Ettiquete Team and our Chat network. Every Wednesday I will be releasing a report; updating you on the internal progress of the team and the projects that interest you most.

Community Development

Major Changes Imminent

So, August 7th is fast approaching! With this comes the 6th Birthday of deviantART as well as the launch of version 5. This means many many things for you, a new look, new browsing methods, smoother interaction and more customizing than before.

This also means you should keep an eye out on the news for info about these changes as well because we will be keeping you as informed and updated as humanly possible. Inhumanly if that is what it takes.

In addition, if you encounter any new changes before the launch, don’t be alarmed. Such as the Category Restructuring</b>.
We are in the phase of house moving so to speak right now so things may get shuffled around a bit. So just be a little patient and await the full launch and all will be made clear!

And be absolutely sure to be here on August 7th for some more Birthday Festivities!

Copyright & Etiquette Administration (C&E)

Restructure II

Since the beginning of the year CEA has suffered from an extensive backlog of cases leading to long delays in proper response times.

Over the last couple of weeks the backlog of Helpdesk cases has been eliminated and response times are down to an acceptable 24-48 hours or less. The reports dealing with deviation remains badly backlogged with several thousand reports still awaiting attention. These backlogs and other factors have lead to some administrative discussions behind the scenes over the last several weeks and we have come to a decision to once again restructure the department.

Rather than expand the department with more volunteers devoting spare time we have decided to adopt a format similar to that which keeps the Helpdesk running as a well-oiled machine.
To that end CEA will be staffed by two full time administrators who will be free of any other outside distractions and who will focus solely on keeping the department up to date and responsive.
These changes were initiated on August 1^st and in that time we are already making strides towards eliminating the violation report backlog while maintaining swift response times to Helpdesk escalations.

I would like to express my gratitude to all of the CEA volunteers who have invested so much effort in their staff positions. Due to their efforts deviantART has benefited greatly as a community.

Community Help Desk (HD)

Help Desk Delays -

There will be be some minor delays in the desk Thursday and Sunday night when the HD reopens from the weekend closure, as myself hexentanz will be away for my Birthday those days.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

Message Network @dministration (MN@)

Who's the daddy!

ArsenicAddiction is! I'm sure you'd all like to join me in welcoming Frank as he transfers to MN@ from CEA. With a wealth of experience behind him on dAmn as an operator and helper, he positively oozes with confidence, and he's definitely a monster  asset.

Featured Channels

We are delighted to announce that the following channels have been chosen to be Featured Channels for the month of August. We've specifically chosen channels which are some of our more long standing on dAmn and would like to thank them for all their hard work over the past year.

:bulletblue: #dAPensioners
:bulletblue: #ClownTown
:bulletblue: #hell
:bulletblue: #photographers
:bulletblue: #caffeinelounge

dAmn Birthday Bonanza

With only a few days to go now until the 6th Birthday of deviantART, we hope that you too are getting excited. If you've never been on dAmn before then Monday would be the perfect opportunity for you to do so, as you may find that you win yourself some dA goodies! The MN@ Team will be running various contests and spot prize giveaways during the celebrations, but we are delighted to see that many of our unofficial channels are also holding a variety of events. Keep your eyes peeled for a news article with times and places very soon!

If you haven't already, then go check out Caption-Contest where you can find some of the  lovely admins have put themselves at your mercy! Comments are turned off until August the 7th, when we'll be giving you the opportunity to win some prizes if you can come up with one of the best captions.

Thanks for reading this week's report. We look forward to reading your feedback and to answering your comments and suggestions in our next report.

To direct your comments towards the right administrator, optionally prefix your comments with the following acronyms:
Prefix Legend
<table><tr class="odd"><td>CD:</td><td>for Community Development</td></tr><tr class="even"><td>C&E:</td><td>for Copyright & Etiquette</td></tr><tr class="odd"><td>HD:</td><td>for Help Desk</td></tr><tr class="even"><td>MN@: </td><td>for Message Net
work @dministration</td></tr></table>

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Very interesting.
keep it up.
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That was a very interesting hot topic.
keep up the awsome work. :) :)
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creativekalps Interface Designer
cake is too tasty to sue
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EllisBigayProfessional General Artist
so, what's with the buttersoup? (if there is one...) ^^
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whats with the butter soup ??????!!!!!!!!
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Sirielle Digital Artist
This is a bit OT, but why there was no Weekly Community Development recently? No news? That's the last notification on it I got.
Oh yes, I don't check the news system, no time for everything. I thought you'll keep the official development info with the most important news.
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matux00 Interface Designer
Ty For the info...c ya =)
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atleast now i can submit a deviation, there was a bug that didnt let me for a while :(
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carry on to progress, deviantArt!
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Very interesting. :) ): ): :)

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it.
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redsonic84115 Filmographer
I like it !
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I think you should make it so that you can't right-click on this website, to prevent people from saving your pictures on thier computer without your permission.
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methmonztazHobbyist General Artist
K, got it. Thanks for the info. :party: :bye:
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i like pie.
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AHHHHHHHHH :( I don't think this new version of deviantART is meant for the poor noobs taht have 800x600 screen resolution. Everything looks all screwed up. :( :(
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isn't it just dolls with few lop?
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Thank you very much!
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