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For the past 5 years our very own $Moonbeam13 has been involved in supporting and raising money for The Weekend To End Breast Cancer event in Toronto.

She has done this in a fairly quiet and discreet way so we felt it was time to shed a bit more light on what exactly she does for this great cause.

To give a bit of background, in the past 4 years this organization has raised over 60 million dollars in donations and through this has made some landmark strides in advancing the research on breast cancer, which claims the lives of close to 50,000 women a year and about a quarter million women diagnosed per year.
This money does make a big difference in helping with in depth gene studies and creating specialized programs for people diagnosed with the disease.

The Weekend To End Breast Cancer takes place all across Canada. In Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal, and $Moonbeam13's hometown of Toronto, where for the last 4 years and soon to be 5, she has participated in the 60k walk. That?s 37.28 miles to you Americans.
To participate in the walk, each person must raise $2000 to qualify and that is no easy task in and of itself. As of right now she has raised about 2600 dollars but we think she can do much better than that with the help of a community of 5 million strong!

This year the event takes place September 8th and 9th, so time to help is limited.

So how can can you help? Read on!

Well, you can add these stamps to your journal with a link back to this article for starters.

:star:How Do I Donate? Donations are the most important thing you can do here, so to sponsor $Moonbeam13 directly go to this link and follow the simple instructions there! Make sure to leave your deviantART name so she knows who to thank, unless you prefer to remain anonymous of course.

Alternately you can donate direct to the organization here.

Other Ways To Show Support Dye your hair pink, wear something pink or do a piece of art in pink and upload it to your gallery and link back here so we can spread the word to as many people as possible!

:star: And feel free to come join us Saturday September 8th at noon PST on dAmn in #FightLikeaGirl for games and events of a pinktastic nature!

( To check your local time please refer to The World Clock )

Also, if you are in the Toronto area and wish to cheer the walkers on in person you can check out this this flyer here for a list of the Cheering Stations!

So, now it is up to you to go out there and help support your mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, nieces and girlfriends in the best way possible!

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Doncreegan26's avatar
I do support this cause and movement over "Spirit Day" ANYDAY~!
3m0cLoWn's avatar
Ive finished a picture to support the cure~ [link] please enjoy!!

Isamith's avatar
This is my first contribution to the breastcancerawareness [link] I will post more in the upcomming week.
Banewolf200's avatar
I still support this cause
madzulu's avatar
Just walked today in New Zealand!!
Have done for the last 6 years.
Bless you people in Canada .
Lets keep our mums,sisters wives,workmates,partners,lovers etc alive.
My Auntie in Toronto had a partial mastectomy last year.
It sucks.
Yay to Moonbeam.
Umm... could you guys do something about the jays and the leafs?It's doing my head in.
deviantations's avatar
Yeaahh go Breast cancer awarness i think its nice thta deviantart promotes these type of things you know
ChibiAngel37's avatar
I really respect this and support it, but I'm in no position to be able to donate. I'm so glad that someone is promoting the awareness of breast cancer.
MariahAcorn's avatar
Wow, seriously. Today I was looking for new inline skates. There were some from K2 and I saw a sticker from the Breast Cancer Foundation on the package of those I liked the most.
Then my mum suddenly showed me the skates and what did I see on them?! On the side of each skate there was the pink ribbon logo thing.
I immediately bought them!

I seriously never really expected to see anything related to the Breast Cancer Foundation here in Germany.
turnip-stew's avatar
Breast cancer sucks, well any kind of cancer does. My mum had it and one of our friends died from it. Me and my mum are running a marathon through Edinbrugh in a bra to raise money for it, and for Alison as well. If anyone wishes to sponsor me and my mum you can by going onto
>>> [link] <<<
Thanks alot
SweetChibi's avatar
Im happy people do good things for this ^^ :heart: Great job!
settoselfdestruct's avatar
wow thats awesome
my grandma died of breast cancer
I have respect for people like this
sugar-lust's avatar

The thumbnails at the link above are examples of what you will find in my gallery. Any prints that I sell, the money (All of it) goes directly to Breast Cancer Research, in honor of Michelle Chouinard, a teacher at my high school, and every person on this entire earth whose life has been affected in some way by Breast Cancer..

Please, it's never too late to start fighting for life.

You can make a difference to someone out there. You can save a life.

~:+:~ In honor of Michelle Chouinard, and In Loving Memory of Harriet Karp, 1938-1995. ~:+:~
DesignbyKatt's avatar
I am doin g arelay for life (see my jornal for detail) where can I get a pink shirt dev to put on my page....great work on your event!
SonAmyForever's avatar
What a terrific cause~ :heart: As of last year, I've made an obligation to myself to join Susan G. Komen for the Cure's walkathon each year on Mother's Day; my mother and I are now anxiously awaiting our ordered shirts and numbers to pin on for the event. Anyway, I'd like to say I completely support the cause to fight breast cancer, and I will aid in any way I can in the future. :heart: Keep on with your inspirational work, and God bless you~! <3
FotoAnt's avatar
id send money but im going through this same problem myself as we speak. everyone must be strong. this is my 3rd time.

and im trying to not go insane.
kisakinosuki's avatar
I do the race for the cure every year (well at least I try to^^';) you've got my support!!!
AmyPink's avatar
i respect this!
mhieren-gLyD's avatar
can I use it too? the ribbon?
jeenaa's avatar
... ooohh.. :D
projectvxn's avatar
I'm a little late I suppose...But circumstances have prevented earlier response...As someone who has to deal with cancer personally, I will donate to and support any efforts in fighting cancer.
Simounet's avatar
Great cause ! :) :worship:
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