Sweeney Todd Poster Contest Winners
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Sweeney Todd Movie Poster Contest

deviantART, Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, Sweeney Todd. What more could you want in one sentence? How about poster contest? That’s right, deviantART is happy to present the Sweeney Todd Poster Contest for the upcoming movie, in theatres December 21st.

Sweeney Todd once again sees the long time duo of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp working together again, with Helena Bonham Carter, Alan Rickman, Sacha Baron Cohen and many others in this interpretation of Stephen Sondheim’s critically acclaimed and award winning musical, Sweeney Todd.

It is the imaginative tale of a man sent to prison for crimes he didn’t commit, who seeks ultimate revenge upon release for the tragic events that befell his wife and daughter while incarcerated. He becomes the Demon Barber of Fleet Street who “shaved the heads of gentlemen who never thereafter were heard from again.

The Winners!

It would seem that every contest we run gets just that much harder for us to decide upon a winner, but in the end, winners must appear, so much like Sweeney Todd himself we must sharpen our straight razors and narrow down the field. And after the cutting is done, three were left. Three shining examples of the talent of the deviantART Community!

The Grand Prize Winner

With deft strokes and surgical precision, *odysseyart rose to the top with this gorgeous piece of work and takes home the Wacom Graphire Bluetooth CTE630BT - 6x8 Tablet


Second Place

Leaving a trail of vengeance and taking home the Apple iPod nano 4GB - Silver comes this chillingly cold rendition of Mr. Todd by *quickreaver!


Runner Up

Making sure none survived his icy wrath, *saiaii and picking up the Logitech MX 620 Cordless Laser Mouse with USB Wireless Receiver 910-000240 in the process is this fiery and passionate rendering!


Thank you to all those who participated and provided us
with so many gorgeous pieces of work to peruse!

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this contest brought out so many awesome entries. the official winners are hard to find, whatever happened to possibly having the poster published with the movie?
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stolentimeStudent Photographer
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Just found this today but I must say, this s wonderful, that movie s tock and ur contest too, all winners & entries r really amazing:clap:
CreepHope's avatar
Sweeney Todd rocks :heart:
rainbowkittyfuk's avatar
Fantastic entries to all who entered and grats to all the winners, I was beginning to wonder what happened to the announcement of winners!
*claps for all*
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tyrnaHobbyist Writer
After reading all 11 pages, I am laughing myself silly at everything that was flung around by someone who is now banned.

That said, I want to congratulate the winners. Quickreaver, I saw your entry on Pixelbrush a while ago, but didn't realize DA was holding a contest. And as for the logo issue, yes, DA apparently needs to clarify that for any future contests. Since I'm not a visual artist, but a writer, it will be interesting to see how they handle to legal issues for next time.
quickreaver's avatar
quickreaverProfessional General Artist
Thanks for the thoughtful comment, tyrna. Life is funny, eh?
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oashisuStudent Filmographer
Sweet Jebus, there are really some sore losers in this community. Such a shame, such a shame.
I like the winning entries. They look crisp to me, though not "oh mah gawd professionally" I believe it was a point not to pick a professional. You can tell they tried hard and, gasp, I feel like they must have deserved the prize in the eyes of the judges.

That said, congrats to the whiners. DIAF to the sore losers, and suck it up.
Ookamiko's avatar
I've been waiting for weeks for this post to show up in news or something. It was only luck I found it. So what's up with that? Were the winners supposed to be a secret or something? O_o
animati0n's avatar
Congratulations, everyone! They're all gorgeous. Great work!
reauxkringgirl's avatar
reauxkringgirlHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh for pity's sake. I'm reading all these comments and they make me all want to go BAH hum-bug. You pitiful losers. Can't you all just be happy for the ones who won instead of giving them extensive and ripping critiques on how BAD these pieces were? I may not be a professional, but I definitely know when somebody has an agenda to destroy somebody else for an advantage. Stop tearing these people down. They did EXCELLENT! So shut up and sit down!
little-immorality's avatar
I think all three are outstanding.

These comments have provided me with a big source of amusement, but I hope the winners can ignore the hurtful remarks and see them for what they are-- nothing to think on.

I think all three would look great as posters, but they're attractive art pieces as well.

The internet gives idiots the opportunity to be able to be insulting without much punishment.

Too bad.
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What a beautiful contest page! Its so perfect! The winners are excellent arent they? Im hanging out for Sweeney Todd to come out in theatres here, Im dying to see it, and I get to hear Johnny Depp sing! This contest was a really clever and bloody brilliant contest! Im still so stocked over the contest page, its so well done and everything! Congrats to the winners! ^_^
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BlakkReignHobbyist Digital Artist
congrats to *odysseyart :clap:
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Congrats to the winners and to everyone who entered. Don't let the bitter losers that keep on flaming get you down. Besides, I can't take anyone seriously that doesn't use proper grammar such as those people...
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mmpezzottiHobbyist General Artist
congrats, beautiful posters.
Matkraken's avatar
MatkrakenHobbyist Digital Artist
awesome works brothers congratulatios :D
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rawienHobbyist General Artist
I agree with everyone who said that there were way better ones than the one picked for runner up. I don't know, I personally don't like it. Looks to... Messy maybe. I'm not sure. And as for this "copyrighted image logo" the judges never said we couldn't use it, but very true... the rules mentioned that we had to use the images in the image pack. Eh, whatever. Maybe next time we'd have better luck. Anyways, congrats to the winners! Oh, and if I do say so myself, I like the second one the best out of all.
LiluSkitten's avatar
LiluSkittenStudent Digital Artist
I agree with you 100%
steven0560's avatar
lol... Every time I think I'm out.... they pull me back in!

The rules DID state we couldn't use the logo in question. They read: "No copyrighted images can be used in any way except for the creative resources linked below." The Logo is indeed a copyrighted image that was definitely not in the group of images given.
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CinestressProfessional Filmographer
artinme's avatar
Well I was late with my entry(sucks for me) but now that I have seen the winners I don't think I had a chance anyway lol, but my question is why call it a Movie Poster contest? Why not just call it an art contest based around the movie? With all the rants and raves from the various artist on this site only assures me that I was not the only one that was excited about this contest, and let's face it DA does a great job including the DA community with a chance to "measure" there talent and art against actual working artist in the entertainment world, and that is always a plus because if your honest with yourself and your work you will eventually reach your dreams and goals(whatever they may be).

And Congratulations to the winners, because truly you did your own thing and maybe that is what "it" is all about
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Zosentel Digital Artist
whats the point of the pictures if they do not even allow one of the winners to be someone who used the images
Zosentel's avatar
Zosentel Digital Artist
i saw way better ones than the one that was chosen for runner up
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