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Avatar Requests
Closed and NOT accepting

Currently not accepting avatar requests. Currently am working on a personal project, so I have no time to make requests of any form.

On Hiatus from deviantArt
To everyone who is and will be reading this journal,
I will be on Hiatus for a while as I've currently grown away from deviantArt. But it's not very long. I will be back once in a while to update the eggubatorium. However, production of eggs will be stopped for this year as all eggs WILL be hatched by December of this year. A new batch (2010 batch) will be produced next year from January to August. I officially declare January to August the Eggubator Season.

GaiaOnline Minishop
Although I have no talent in making emoticons, I find that I do have some tiny skills in pixeling foodstuff. Thus, I have opened a minishop in GaiaOnline selling pixel food for Gaia Gold.

The pixel items I have on sale there are not posted here on deviantArt. I did post a some as a sneak peak for fellow deviantArt members. However, that's only a tiny piece.

Currently I am doing more pixeling for my shop on GaiaOnline. Not on sale yet but will be when business picks up. So, if you want to see more, you should definitely head on to this link :…

If you have an account there, I would appreciate it if you were to help bump the threads when it's slow or just to chat if you have no interest nor gold to buy anything :dummy:

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Hiatus o__O?? No avatar requests O_o?? ONLY FOR THE EGGUBATIONS!?
Nyuuu XD!
Oh >...<! I so should bump that topic! Which I probaly will once or more a day! ( I can't promise tho' busy with school <..< If you need anything please say so!! )