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Hey everyone!

Sorry for the impromptu hiatus a while back. I had some problems with my computer and after a while, I sort of became too busy to upload/update my dA account.

First of all, I will not be updating any eggubations this month. I am still swamp from some other work and sudden obsession with vector art and haven't been able to pixel anything. But no worries, all eggubations will continue to grow again on the 15th of December.

Secondly, I will *try* to upload deviations about once every week from now on. But no promises there. I'm trying to do some time-management for myself and hopefully, by January, I will be more efficient than I am now. (Time management = strict schedules >.<!!)

Third, Instead of spending more time in dA from now on, I will more than 50% (while I'm online) be on Gaia Online manning my minishop (items are all premades created by me since last September, I don't need to be creative with my already-made templates) and my B/C interest thread.

Fourth, please don't ask me about making avatars or anything at all yet. I'm currently mentally exhausted (lack of sleep) and haven't been able to sleep for a long time now (my brain is so dead). I will open up limited slots mid December after the eggubation growths and also after the seasonal creativity rush (yes, I've just started making new items for my minishop and it's killing me!).

Finally, links!
[ Moonlight Cavern ] --- Pixel Food Minishop
[ Genaesia ] --- B/C Interest Thread (Hiring!)

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