Evolved Eggubators!

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Currently not accepting avatar requests. Currently am working on a personal project, so I have no time to make requests of any form.

To all egg owners, all your eggs have now evolved! The 1st batch of eggs have reached its' final stage, huzzah :dummy:!!

Remember, no more eggs will be released this year. New batches will be available in 2010!

Gaia Online Minishop
This :: www.gaiaonline.com/forum/mini-…

Is currently the location of my minishop on GaiaOnline. However, it will soon be relocating with even more fun-filled pixelations for sale! This includes evolve-ables that is not seen on my dA account yet! *wink wink* :la:

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UBER KAWAIIIIII!!! Love my Blackie a.k.a Famine x3! Très bien!!!
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P.S. You've got a pending request on site 20 at Gaia ;P
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I know, already sent the orders :D
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Oooh! All good than ;P