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:police: WARNING! Long Post! :police:
:bulletblack: Important Notes
:bulletblack: Adoption Rules
:bulletblack: Frequently Asked Questions
:bulletblack: Adopted Eggubations and Adopters
- Updated as of 13th August 2009 -

Important Notes
:bulletred: (13/08/09) There are more or less, some changes made regarding the adoption of eggubations. So please take the time to reread all rules and frequently asked questions before adopting or asking questions.
:bulletred: (13/08/09) The FAQ have been updated as of today, if you have any questions that you still don't understand, comment here or note me and I will try my best to answer them.

Adoption Rules
The rules are simple, you just need to abide by it and everyone will be happy forever :D

:bulletgreen: Adopt an available eggubation is you haven't done so already.

:bulletgreen: If you have already adopted, you will need to wait for the 7th month from the month of adoption before adopting again.

:bulletgreen: If you don't want your eggubation, please NOTE me and I will put it back up for adoption.

:bulletgreen: Please do not complain if the end result is not as you expected. All outcomes are random and even I myself do not know what's going to hatch from it. Accept it as it is and LOVE IT!

:bulletgreen: ALL eggubations take a month to CHANGE once. All eggubations undergo 5 stages. This means, 5 months must pass before it has completed its' cycle.

:bulletgreen: Please :+devwatch: my account to find out more information and when your eggs have gone into a different stage/generation.

Frequently Asked Questions
:bulletorange: What is an eggubation?
An eggubation is basically a growing or evolving egg that is incubated within a container that happens to have the warmth needed for the hatchling to nurture and grow.

:bulletorange: How many stages are there?
Each eggubation contains 5 stages (this has been changed from 6 stages to 5) beginning as a tiny egg to it's hatched form. There is no baby > child > teen > adult > elder stage as all eggubations grow within the egg and hatch only when reaching full maturity.

:bulletorange: How can I adopt an eggubation?
You can adopt an eggubation whenever the eggs are released to the public once a month.

:bulletorange: When is it released?
All eggubations are generally released on the 15th of every month if there are no prior news of delay.

:bulletorange: Can I adopt more than one?
At the moment, no. You cannot adopt more than one under normal circumstances. However, as soon as your eggubation have hatched, after a 1 month grace period, you will be able to adopt another eggubation. For example: Eggubation Hatches (After 5 months) > Unable to adopt (1 month) > Can adopt again (On the 7th month). Please read on to the end to find out why you can't adopt within that 1 month.

:bulletorange: Can I request for an eggubation to be born into something I'd like?
Right now, that would be impossible as I am only a mere beginner at pixeling. Basically, the outcome of the eggs would more or less be simple and (I hope) pleasing to the eyes. Currently, all eggubations are random. Even I do not know what is going to hatch until the 4th stage has been implemented. The outcome is as much a surprise for me as it is for the adopters.

:bulletorange: How many eggubations are released in a month?
Right now, only 4 eggubations are released monthly. That's the whole reason why each person can only adopt ONE eggubation per cycle. I'd like to give everyone a chance to adopt an eggubation after all.

:bulletorange: Will you be releasing more soon?
Hopefully I will. This all depends on whether I am able to juggle the whole load on my schedule. But I'd like to think that I can this year. Not too sure about next year though as I will be continuing my studies abroad (FYI, I'm on vacation now till December).

:bulletorange: I adopted an eggubation...but I don't know how to put it into my gallery/journal/profile.
You are not allowed to put any of my eggubations into your gallery as it would seem like you made it yourself. Refrain from it! In order to place the thumb of the eggubation into your journal, you will 1st need to be a premium member. The easiest way to show the eggubation in your profile is to +fav it and set your favourites folder to show the eggubation on your profile page.

:bulletorange: Can you post each eggubations separately so that I +fav that only and love it forever and ever?
To all who have noted me on this, I'm sorry, it's just too much trouble as it is. I know I have mentioned before that I WOULD post each individually but...have you seen the amount of eggubations that is piled up every month? Some of them will be more or less the same species with the difference of a recolor. I honestly do not want to clutter my gallery with deviantions that I have originally posted with the 3 other eggubations.

:bulletorange: Then what's the point of adopting if I can't keep my own to myself?
The point is simple, the idea of the eggubation is the joy of seeing your adopted egg grow and finally hatch into an adult. I'm sure some of you can't wait for it to go into the next stage, right? Of course, having adopted one of my babies, you won't be going home empty handed.

:bulletorange: We won't?
Of course not! Each adopter (after having your egg hatched, during the 1 month grace period) have a choice to request for a unhatchable adoptable egg that I will personally customize for. Of course, you as the adopter, should not ask for the impossible! Remember, eggs do not have faces. So if you want an egg made after someone, I will only use items associated with that someone. For example: [LINK]. Consider it a gift for sticking to my babies for such a long time ^^

:bulletorange: If I happened to have adopted again, do I get another goodie?
But of course! However, if you did not request for it during the one month grace period, your chance for the goodie will be gone. So remember to request early lest you forget ;) Please keep in mind that this egg request is only limited to eggubation adopters!

Adopted Eggubations and Adopters
Eggubator May 2009 Batch by LollipopGoddess Adopters: :iconanorien-::iconkonoharejects::iconsweetaddict::icontorntethers:
Eggubator June 2009 Batch by LollipopGoddess Adopters: :iconelmotjuuh::icondawnbringer-raviza::iconmookameedy::iconnaruhina88:
Eggubator July 2009 Batch by LollipopGoddess Adopters: :iconliiadragon7::iconsevasan-7::iconcasener::iconkeh67:
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:[ I'm sorry, more eggs will arrive in January or earlier if i decide to sell different ones in my GaiaOnline minishop.