Death be my Computer

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Huh? computer died.

When? Last night right after I tried formatting it.

So what now? Gonna be taking it to the digital mall to get it fixed today.

Why'd you reformat in the 1st place? Because my photoshop wasn't working, darn it!

So why tell us? Because, if I can't get to install my photoshop again...I won't be able to make the next stages of eggubation!! Which means the remaining eggs would need to be delayed a few days, maybe forever!

Ohnoes! But I'd need/want my egg to change!! I know you do I...

In other words? Please don't expect too much of me now...I'm sad and am in mourning for my photoshop now ;_;


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R.I.P. your computer, it will be missed :'(
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Aww i hope you can gets it fixed.
R.I.P computerrrrrrrrr