Cautiously stepping back into existence

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/Appears from the state of inactiveness.


Hello community of dA!

It's been a seriously long time suffice to say. Except for a few uploads now and then, I haven't been active on dA at all for the longest time. I believed that it happened because I upped and moved from my home country, Malaysia, to my current location, Melbourne. But I've been here for almost eight months now and it doesn't really excuse my lack of activity, does it?

With that said, I have been in a slump for the longest time that I really didn't possess the motivation to upload any digital art I have made. Yeah, despite being inactive, I was still able to pull myself up to make several digital art.

Right now, I'm taking my time to immerse myself into dA again. My dA to-do list:

:bulletblack: Re-vamp gallery icons. (DONE - 26/09/2010)
:bulletblack: Attempt to update/evolve the Eggubator August 2009 Batch.
:bulletblack: Make a new avatar for my eventual return into dA.
:bulletblack: Re-vamp and continue the comic Lil' Lollers.
:bulletblack: Upload some deviations to make up for lost time.
:bulletblack: Attempt to re-emerge into the world of emotes.

I guess that's about it for now. Not that I'm saying it's very little. It's a mountain-load actually. Currently juggling deviantART, GaiaOnline, college, volunteer work, and placement hunting at the same time /drowns.

Oh yes, I'm also thinking of opening commissions in the near future to earn some pocket money or game money. Whichever goes. More info will be provided in a few months.

- LollipopGoddess :heart:
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