August 15th 2009 Update

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Newest Eggubations
Another monthly release

Latest Release of Eggubations
This month, I've released a batch of special eggs seeing as this batch of eggs will the the last one to hatch this year. The following eggs starting from September will only be hatching in 2010 making this batch of eggubations the babies of the 2009 family.

How special you ask?

The special thing about these batch is that WE ALREADY KNOW THEIR SPECIES!! But, that's for me to know and for you to wait ;)

Previous Batches
All previous batches have now gone into their next stages and is currently in a healthy condition, as always.

:bulletorange: Batch #1 has somehow seemed to have procured some items! I wonder how that happened? Did someone not see the sign regarding the NO feeding and giving of material items to incubating eggs?!

:bulletorange: Batch #2 has finally got some markings etched on the shell. Seems to be of the oriental markings. Perhaps it's an indication of what might hatch from it?

:bulletorange: Batch #3 Awww, the wee lil' eggs have become so big now.

Spooky Halloween Month
It's that time of the month again! The time where kids from some parts of the world dress up like little horrors and fairy princesses where other parts of the world (such as mine) are only able to celebrate it right in from of the computer/television.

Yes, it's Halloween! This year, to celebrate this festive season, I'll be submitting some Halloweeny goodies on DeviantArt! You won't know what it is until I decide the right time to post it *cackles* bwahahahahaha!

Yummilicious Goodies
Speaking of goodies, the first thing that comes to mind is...CANDY!! ICE CREAM!! CHOCOLATE!! CAKE!! *dreamdriftsdrool*

Regarding this, I decided to try my hand at pixeling yummy food to torture myself!! How sadistic is that?! Not only that, I may even open up a Gaia shop to sell them in different varieties! STOP!!! I say MAY, MAY, MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY, open the shop.

Requests (OPEN and ACCEPTING)
Hmm...what sorts of requests do I want to do anyways... I'm not particularly good at pixeling, I can't possibly give out eggubation requests since it's limited to adopters during the 1-month grace period, I'm not even good at doing emoticon requests!

Basically, I don't know what kind of requests I can do.

Right now, I guess, since it's up to be, I can do emoticon requests. But please, spare me, don't ask for the impossible @_@ take into consideration my novice skills thanks ^^!

Lastly, have a great August everyone!
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Ooo so the requests are free :D? And what kind of emoticons can we request? The usual round ones, or perhaps with some kind of other "theme"? Like a pixel cat that grins or something in that way :P?
I like the Gaia mini shop idea x3!
LollipopGoddess's avatar
Mmm, the round ones of course, but if you want a cat per say, then it can be done with ears and tail lol. Facial expressions is totally up to you as I already made my own set of awesome facial expressions ^^ done 95% by me x3

I like the idea too, maybe you can help out lol especially when I'm too lazy to go on gaia a day or three >.>
SweetAddict's avatar
Ooo your own set of awesome facial expressions o.O!? Like that Happy Maia avatar you have is one of them? Hmm I ment more of an bigger cat ( 1 cm ) or smtg. would that do?
I'd be happy to help you, tho' I dunno how XD
LollipopGoddess's avatar
Yes, but you can hardly take that into account as Emote Maia wears spectacles, you can't ever see her eyes...EVER!

o.o 1 cm? That's about 28 pixels? What kind of cat is it? Like an emote cat?
SweetAddict's avatar
A 28 pixels black emote cat with a :meow: expression at normal. If you know what I mean XD! More like Gaia-ish Coco is -
LollipopGoddess's avatar
What's a gaia-ish coco o_O?
SweetAddict's avatar
Coco o..o! The cat from Gaia Online o...o! Like Kiki - the white cat. Or Grunny the radioactive green bunny XD.
LollipopGoddess's avatar
Mmm, I'm only doing the head part, of course :D I'll be done soon. I'll upload it tomorrow, which is less than an hour away ;)
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