A brief review on August

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Avatar Requests

Currently not accepting avatar requests. Currently am working on a personal project, so I have no time to make requests of any form.

Father's Condition
Previously, I mentioned that my father was hospitalized for suspected H1N1. So after staying in the hospital about a week plus, the doctors said that my father did not have H1N1, only pneumonia. And last Monday, he was discharged. Right now, he is still resting at home because he has difficulty breathing if he moved or talked too much and needs to use oxygen support. Hopefully he'll be way better in a week as we, my family and relatives, don't want to see him suffer.

Also, thanks to all the well wishers for praying and hoping for his well-being. I deeply appreciate it!

[  ] Start doing all the eggubators next stage.
[  ] Work on more pixels for my future Gaia minishop.
[  ] Post more deviations
[  ] Projects! (I see tons of new projects!!)

Oh my, August was indeed a productive month for me! I posted so many deviations this month and I hope all of you enjoyed looking at it as much as I've enjoyed making them :dummy: This is also the month where I got a few more devwatchers than I've ever had in a month. So I'm happy that more people are watching me :D

Not only that, I've been working on pixel yummies that I actually plan to sell on GaiaOnline. So if you are a member of GaiaOnline, and is interested in what I have to sell, continue to watch my journals as I will make a journal when I finally open a minishop! Which won't be that far away, honestly ;)

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