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Incubated Egg

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THIS IS NOT AN ADOPTABLE. Please do not use this.

This is merely a sample of an incubated egg series that I plan to work on. I already have a few eggs lined up to be incubated. This sample is merely the first generation. I have already made the 2nd and 3rd generations. However not the 4th (that would be the "what" that would hatch from the egg).

To be honest, I'm not sure what I'm gonna hatch from them other than something cute (I hope). So that's why this is an ongoing incubated series. As soon as I've decided what to hatch from it, and have made the "thing", I'll release a few eggs to be adopted.

Now, let me explain the status of this egg.

This egg, is a red random selection egg, where everything is random (outcome, gender) except for it's color. Currently, the status of this egg is "COLD", which explains it's pale color. However, when adopted, it may slowly change color but it is a slow ongoing process that could take days, weeks, even months (!) to change.


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Chaa xD! It's so lovely when it goes up and down xP!
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Just don't get hypnotized by it's slow up and down rhythm :D it may bore you to tears!