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Spaced Out

By LolliponyArt
Twilight! That is NOT how one stargazes.

Had a lot of fun painting this one, especially with Luna's space mane. 

ATG Day 13 Prompt:
Draw a pony in space / Draw a pony exploring the final frontier.

Time Taken: 4 hours
Programs: Photoshop CC 2017
Tablet: Wacom Bamboo CTH-670

Adjusted Twilight's coat colour
Smoothed out brush strokes
30 minutes
Image details
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1920x1080px 621.9 KB
© 2018 - 2021 LolliponyArt
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This is hilarious! Totally tickled my funny bone! XD
LolliponyArt's avatar
Aww thank you XD it remains one of my favorite artworks ;P
SparkleForever's avatar
My pleasure! Every day over the last few days I've been going back to your picture and it keeps bringing a smile to my face. I love deviantART!  It's such an original idea and I would not have imagined it for the prompt you were given! :)
LolliponyArt's avatar
Gosh what an honour it is! You really like it that much? <3 shame I didn't partake in the ATG this year :/
SparkleForever's avatar
Yesss! Even now I still smile about that one! I love your art Nod 
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Gotta go to space. Space. Gotta go to space. (Tell me what game that's from and U get a cookie.)
Paultheunidentified's avatar
i know Twilight's head is in the clouds but this gives out a whole new meaning  Twilight Sparkle (hug pancakes) plz 
LolliponyArt's avatar
In the literal sense XD
Why is she just smiling, staring off into space? (pun not intended)
LolliponyArt's avatar
Because Twilight :3
Ben-Del's avatar
So freekin adorable
LolliponyArt's avatar
Ahh thank you <3
Lovable-Peril's avatar
I wonder how that feels
LolliponyArt's avatar
It's like one of those moments when you just get so lost in thought you zone out of everything. I get that a fair bit XD
Unless you're referring to being in Luna's mane, which in that case I really wonder as well XD
Lovable-Peril's avatar
I'm kinda wondering both.
Stuntpony's avatar
First she noms on Celly's tail, now this? Can somepony hold an intervention? X)
LolliponyArt's avatar
I like the notion of ponies behaving like cats :3 and no, no interventions! We must let Twi experience life in her natural habitat.
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