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CONGRATS ArtificiallyRed19 you won the raffle please check your notes!


To everybody who wants to try again, here's the new raffle (:


Monthly Raffle – October

Hey everyone monthly raffle again!
I really appreciate your support guys and that’s why I want to share some love as well. 

This time again a new WACOM Intuos Draw Creative Pen Tablet OR 1 Year DeviantArt Core Membership!
If you win you get to choose which one you want/need.

How it works

It’s pretty simple. By leaving a comment on this journal you’ll get a ticket. To prove you have read the rules please write "I’m in!"

Rules/ Entry requirements:

  • You must be a watcher. (Nah surprise! Meow :3
  • Favorite this journal & leave a comment ("I’m in").
  • Favorite at least one of my deviations & leave a comment.

You also have the chance to get a second ticket:

  • Make a journal for this advertising. Tell people about it & encourage them to join! Link me & post the link in your comment below so I can create an extra ticket for you.


The Prize

WACOM Intuos Draw Creative Pen Tablet

Copyright © 2015-2016 Wacom.

Product Information Wacom Official Website
I'll buy the product on Amazon.
I'm really sorry guys but if Amazon does not deliver to your country then I'm not able to ship the graphics tablet and you'll have to pick the Core Membership. 

August winner c:
Thank you ShinoBF for the photo! I hope you enjoy your new tablet :]

Please don’t forget: If you win I’ll need a shipping address AND name.
Winner will be announced on October, 31st.

I'm so excited can't wait to announce the next winner!
Alright alright good luck guys! 
© 2017 - 2021 Lolliedrop
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Hopefully I'm not too late ;o;
new watcher~
commented: ARTICUNO
journal: more raffles~

Thank you for the opportunity ~ glad I saw this through someone's journal!
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I'm in! ^^
Faved and commented on  JURI - Street Figther by Lolliedrop  I absolutely adore Juri! ;v;
I am now a new watcher! :D
Here's my journal as well  dark-dragon51.deviantart.com/s…
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I'm in

watching, faved this journal

faved your IRIZA - DominancE

commented: comments.deviantart.com/1/6584…
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I’m in (I know i already did this, but disregard the other one)



only now i did more 

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I’m in!
commented lolliedrop.deviantart.com/art/…
made journal:

This is an amazing idea! Thanks so much for the opportunity!
i don’t have any graphic tablets. Low on money and need one!
im always having to use my tablet ^^
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I'm in! This is such a cool raffle~ 
I added this journal and these lovely works to my favorites!
OC Doodle by Lolliedrop SOMBRA Augmented - Overwatch by Lolliedrop MERCY Winged Victory - Overwatch by Lolliedrop
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I'm in 
I'm a old watcher.
Favorite at least one of my deviations & leave a comment: Starguardian Ahri - LoL

Journal Link:  Hey guys check this out this raffle!YOU COULD WIN A GRAPHICS TABLET GIVEAWAY OR 1YEAR CORE! 
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I'm in uvu

I'm watching, faved/commented this thingy!
YOUTUBE SPEEDPAINT- Process Steps 'Cotton Candy' by Lolliedrop

I wonder why I haven't found you sooner, bc your art is fucking awesome
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I’m in!
watched, faved, commented here:
2B x A2 - NieR:Automata NSFW Preview

(i'm sorry for picking this one omg... actually i'm not it's great)
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I'm in!
Watched, faved some pics, commented on this one
  MERCY Witch - Overwatch by Lolliedrop
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I'm in~!
watched, and faved/commented here
MISA Amane - Death Note by Lolliedrop
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Im in!!

MERCY Winged Victory - Overwatch by Lolliedrop
~Favorite & Comment Here:MERCY Winged Victory - Overwatch
I love Mercy she is so pretty 

~Journal : Win a Graphics Tablet or 1Year CORE!! byLolliedrop
P.S I always wanted a Wacom Im new to digital art so I really need one and this giveaway is helpful THNKS!!!Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 
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ALOY - Horizon Zero Dawn by Lolliedrop i favorited this ^~^
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im in!
Journal: giveaway! (not mine)
Commented on: MERCY Winged Victory - Overwatch
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woaa i'm in!! thank you for the opportunity <3 watched and faved !
poll: kouriiko.deviantart.com/journa…
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- New watcher ( ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)
Favorite and comment on: 2B x A2 - NieR:Automata NSFW Preview
- Journal: marianambar.deviantart.com/jou…

Thanks for the opportunity and I'm in :3
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I'm in!!

~ Faved and commented on this piece:
Fade away by Lolliedrop

~ My journal:
Lolliedrop is having a Raffle!!
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I'm in!
Fav'd Journal:
Fav'd at Least One (1) Deviation: ✅ (I actually fav'd a whole bunch of them... whoops!)
Commented on at Least One (1) Deviation:Catwoman
Created a Journal:Pick One: Graphics Tablet OR 1Yr Core [ NOT MINE ]
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