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WIDOWMAKER Cote d'Azur - Overwatch

Widowmaker's new summer skin looking great! Hope you all like it as much as I do (:

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im big lesbian,
Jelly0Bean's avatar
widow maker is so cute in your style!! I love how smooth the drawing is and the backgroud is so nice!
I have this skin rn actually, it was fun playing with it during the winter :lol:
TheGardenGay's avatar
CubiaH's avatar
Love this piece! You really manage to capture the essence of "Widowmaker on Vacation" in this picture.

Also thank the blizzard gods for bestowing you lowly humans such a gift. 
Anno1404's avatar
Widow looking badass as usual :D
Sin-Doll's avatar
Ezzaria-Chan's avatar
Magnificent !!! Your work is so accurate, the colours are on point also the shading and lighting make the art look majestic! Your work is some of the best I have ever seen I can't wait to see more :) <3
Martsuia's avatar
JS2080's avatar
blogandtea's avatar
this is amazing
Quanta0000's avatar
PaladinPainter's avatar

Looks pretty good  What? What?   

:iconwplz::iconeplz::iconlplz::iconlplz:        :icondplz::iconoplz::iconnplz::iconeplz:
TheBrassGlass's avatar
In no universe is this a photograph.
DownInTheDepths's avatar
Like the pose and perspective. As well as the rendering of the skin. Awesome work! 
Deviljackies's avatar
Best Widow Maker skin ever!!!! XD
DaveS89's avatar
Nice shading and color tone. Maybe the proportions of the arm are not quite right, lenght of the upper and lower arm i think. But still go ahead ^^
Scionjeshua's avatar
Great work as always :)
Ururuty's avatar
IceCreamWoman's avatar
This looks very, very rushed :/
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