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Drawing this piece was so much fun ! Absolutely enjoyed drawing the material & the outfit. And as you can see I changed it slightly ;)

Hope you like!

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LexL52's avatar
Be fun to tickle her
NickA007's avatar

I wanna lick inside her belly button lol.

Parad0xDrag0n's avatar
Ah! It looks absolutely amazing! I never really see much art of Starfire, though that might just be my fault for not being in many comic centric groups lol.
I love how this piece manages to make her look very much like a sassy-flirt, but also manages to show just how strong she can be!
astrabun's avatar
There's something utterly beautiful about the flat coloring that looks yet in this painterly like style. You made her justice in your artistic liberties; I applaud you for that.
Renata-s-art's avatar
Amazing job!Her hair reminds me of fire!:D
pvposeur's avatar
I, myself, am not a big fan of Starfire but I really like how sassy, confident, and flirty all at the same time in this image?? Totally what she'd do in the comic books!! Ahahaha. I also like how you used The New 52 outfit on her. Because I actually didn't mind The New 52 for the most part (plus or minus a handful of things, but that's about it, really).
aciddmaus23's avatar
stunning image!!!!!
CivillyBarbaric's avatar
She look a lil different from the way I remembered
minyeom's avatar
Woow love this take on everyone's favorite alien princess xx
JDAntoine's avatar
Amazing work and talent!
QxalityTrash's avatar
I love the ends of the hair, they look like flames ^^
SquishyFoxx's avatar
Starfire is one of my favorites! I’ve only known her in Teen Titans though.
Feinny's avatar
What a gorgeous work once again ! The texture of the outfit is absolutely amazing, and so is the hair shading ;//A//; I really dig your style !
Ashkanie2's avatar
TheVocaloid1's avatar
Awesome and amazing :wow:
heromomo's avatar
sorebottomart's avatar
I'm curious.  Who exactly is Starfire?  Is she an OC of yours?
Starfire is a DC character.
sorebottomart's avatar
OK, thanks.   The first one you posted, with her in a yellow outfit made me think of the Marvel character, Firestar, but she was too different to be that one.

Very nice work, btw.
Thanks, but I'm not OP, so...
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