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Another Pokemon Girl piece ! & the first legendary one. That's why I chose many blue/purple tones. Everything epic is just so violet to me for some reason !

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Averigi's avatar

Who's that pokemon

its reshiram wiafu form

RossWyatt's avatar

Glad I was able to find these on a Hentai site, top notch stuff

DaColaChild's avatar
vehla's avatar
She's so pretty u.u
AdeliciaMitsuko's avatar
I really like this one! nice work!
ChelseaKittyGirl's avatar
Human Reshiram looks really beautiful, it's my favorite Version Mascot Pokemon, I happen to own Pokemon Black and Pokemon White 2 versions for the DS.
DontHoldUrShit's avatar
this is really awesome art
Branka-Artz's avatar
She's gorgeous. Amazing work :clap:
404Redacted's avatar
This looks so pretty! I absolutely adore how you draw hair Bunny Emoji-72 (Kawaii) [V4] 
miasahina's avatar
The pastel colors are illuminating the character. The combination is not a psychedelic clash of colours. I saw a lot of drawings with pink, purple and blue colours but honestly I wanted to vomit because it caused headache to me. This one's subtle and pleasing to the eye. Maybe if there's additional yellow tone, it could be even better. :)
AnekoSouma's avatar
I like this one coz Resiram looks beautiful as a woman! ^^ I love her eyes!
BelovedBeast's avatar
Love the dolly eyes on this one
sianic's avatar
its the violet ^^ and the eyes, when you look at it, it looks back at you ^^ cooooool!
xpyxisx's avatar
love the colours <3
AllyBuns's avatar
this picture is likee absolutely amazing.. ^^
likee how do you even learn to draw like this LOL
AidenBeats's avatar
So beautiful! *_*
KVR0II's avatar
This is beautiful! The use of color is astounding, and it brings out the life in each shape. You did an excellent job making each part of the piece look like it has texture, too! 
I love how you portrayed Reshiram in this way (Especially the gloves-- they miz well with the rest of the piece while still suggesting the claws on Reshiram's wings!) and your use of color, shading, and composition overall really made it stand out!
kreanerien's avatar
Que lindaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, tienes un talento grande 
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