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Officer Widowmaker

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There is a lot of irony in one of the most well known villains of this franchise dressing up as a cop.

And that just makes it even sexier.

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Dat gaze. Oh dat gaze. Dem eyes. *O* Ohhh dem eyes. My God. Officer Widowmaker, I'm guilty! I've been sooooo~baaaad! Cuff me! Enforce your~brand of police brutality on meeeeee! *O* <3
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I confess officer, I'm guilty. Now cuff me (and don't mind the ball gag in my back pocket)
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Reminds me of the song: Mrs Officer
Sexy game character. ❤💖💞💕💗😍
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I love the way she looking at the audience.^^
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it's so pretty! qq
Your best one? Great! Do you do commission?
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O.O holy shit she's hot.
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Beautiful. Only thing I didn't like is the lower skirt,it looks rushed,maybe because of the sharpness I detect in the edge which contrasts its filling.
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I love the perspective, you amazing at the foreshortening. Also the eyes are beautifully striking<3

Hola, i love/like/fascinates/as characters/people of women of white skin/brunette/dark, dark medium (and other types of skin shades) and clear your legs, hip, your physique, your hair, your eyes, your lips, your clothes, your breasts, postures Very sexy/daring and clear to know who it really is, plus I like the characters/people gay/lesbian, bisexual, transgender to know/as and make friends or something else.

Well I like all its content, because you have a good eye/gift/skill in creating/performing in the characters of women, because you give something different/special and therefore is an excellent job.

Sweating a little...Is there a problem officer? 
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"no problem, just got a new uniform and i need someones opinion"   =)
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Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap 
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Far to hot/sexy to be a cop.  :D
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Somehow, I doubt that's a regulation uniform... not that I care.
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Officer, I have a big gun inside my pant. Please, arrest me! :horny:
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Love the pose +fav 
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"Respect my Authority!"  5 Minute Emote - Tongue 
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