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MISA Amane - Death Note

From the anime though, and not the movie...
One of my favorite animes of all time <3

Have you guys seen the Death Note movie already? Let me know what you think.

This piece was also inspired by Moda Mogami, an awesome Japanese idol. 

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I LOVE your drawing she is amazing 😍😍😍

(It's my favorite anime but thé American version of the film made me sick 😄)

Your work is amazing

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Dear Lolliedrop,

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Lolliedrop 様,

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kyaaaaa this is my most favorite of your works as farLa la la la 
me-being-clever's avatar
Aha I love how the style and outfit is pretty different from the anime (and she wore many different things) but somehow I had an inkling of who she was anyways XD

I really love the hair >W<
An-Old-Otaku's avatar
You nailed her!  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:
Great work, very pretty
CotoneeBlogger's avatar
Soooo cute! I love your realistic but anime-ish style!
XoxInvaderLizxoX's avatar
Love Misa Misa, she's one of my favorite characters!
SaraWolfPhotographer's avatar
I love the innocence in a picture titled, "Death Note".  I want to taste the lollipop on her lips, a very clever reference to yourself.  Who wouldn't want to occupy the lips of Moga Mogami?
GetSquiddy's avatar
Misa Misa is best girl <3
xCHERRYBOMBZx's avatar
Gorgeous facial structure and eyes. 

And I love the little Cherry. I might be a little bias though lol >.<

Also Death Note was one of my faves~
supera14ever's avatar
Secretadmires's avatar
Such a cute looking face and with her cinnamon coloured your works!:rose:
Uniquely--Beautiful's avatar
Gotta love the shading!
BudderMeow's avatar
I love the shading ^-^
HuoMayko's avatar
omg :la: choir 
Misa is PERFECT! and the way you drawn her is so cool
just omg i cant handle my feelings la in love 
Yuko123551's avatar
I love how detailed it is \>w</
Zylendia's avatar
This is so cute ;w; <3 I love your art style
ThamuzMartu's avatar
xEleyia's avatar
Her eyes are so pretty~ and then there's that skin it's so frickin shinyyyy <333 !! *o* 
I love the way you drew her hair and necklace. The necklace looks so good, I can tell you took great care and effort to make it so lovely!
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