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Fade away

Photo Study.

Couldn't find the reference anymore but someone linked it in the comments!

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REDVAMPIRE120652's avatar

Please My Beloved Don't Go, If You Go So Shall I.

Let Us Fade Away Together.

akanemisoto's avatar

Amazing art , very inspiring!

Nassu24's avatar
new wallpaper
Antiwalkercassie's avatar
danfiin's avatar
I love the expression on this piece.
Math-Lover's avatar
I love this masterpiece! Such great colours, and the eyes show so much emotion! <3
azure-dreams's avatar
there is some really beautiful and raw emotion visible in this piece!! you did amazing in capturing it ~
Kooristle's avatar
this is too beautiful!! ;;o;;
kaliwoik9978's avatar
I adore this drawing. She looks sort of afraid it seems. I love the way you shaded/highlighted and I absolutely adore how you did the eyes
PrettyLittleHatsune's avatar
She reminds me of Three from Drakengard 3
UnknownRidersStable's avatar
I LOVE how this is drawn!! I adore how you've drawn attention to the face by having everything somewhat blurred with the sense of motion and the amount of detailing in the face is beautiful!!! 
voidgrimoire's avatar
Oh wow, this is too beautifulI think I've fainted. Clap 
Rosii-ru's avatar
MischaFox's avatar
I can't get over those eyes you created! The hair and sense of motion are fantastic too
NekoMaon's avatar
She's so shining.. I like her mood and this eye.. I think it's like a space into her head...
LunaTheCat1217's avatar
wow how do you draw annatomy
Julie-Yifi's avatar
Oh gosh, that looks so realistic! I also love the blur >_<
dweeblet's avatar
a bit older, but easily one of your best pieces! the eye is absolutely gorgeous
Veiren's avatar
I really like the blur effect, it really looks like the hair is moving
HappyOreoDay's avatar
Woaaa I love it :'0 The hair is so good painted <33
Marcella-Youko's avatar
The painting is so soft and wonderful! I love every small detail and how mesmerizing the eye is, amazing job! <3
CookieChanS2's avatar
LelnariaSabhyata's avatar
Absolutely stunning!!Love 
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