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Tagged by :iconawesomeamber-669: 

Rules!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
1. If you get tagged, then you may answer the following questions if you want. (I'm not forcing you, so don't feel pressured.)
2. You have to tag 10 other people if you get tagged.
3. Do NOT tag back.
4. Copy and paste the rules and questions! <3

1. What's your favorite color(s)?
Hmm... I like the colour of Cobalt and Navy blue. But I also like black, red and white. (Although black and white aren’t really COLOURS as such)
2. Favorite animal?
I have many.
-Everything else
3. Do you have any pets?
A blind (abuse) mutt/dog named Biggles (9-10 years), a white-based, partly diluted red mackerel tabby tomcat named Purrkins (4 years), a (red-based coat) black-white bicolour tuxedo tomcat named Patch (4 years) and finally, a fat, grumpy 15/16-year-old tortie queen named Poppy.
4. Do you have a best friend?
Defo Keith :iconwarriorcatsocsandart:
5. Are you depressed?
.........Sort of...
6. Do you have a favorite OC? If you do, tell us three things about them
7. Do you enjoy drawing traditionally or digitally?
I prefer digital, but I am definitely able to grab a pencil and paper and draw on there; it’s just not my personal favourite
8. Do you like sports?
Kind of. I like swimming (though I can only do the doggy-paddle) and horse riding, as well as a few others...
9. Zodiac sign?
10. What YouTubers do you like?
Idk, uhh...
-River Spirit (my inspiration)
-Team Rammyz (
Um... idk who else? Maybe
-Fancy Cosplayers
As well but my mind is blank right now sorry


-other... people... idk
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