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Weak | Warriors OCs by LolliChaan Weak | Warriors OCs by LolliChaan
I know that I deleted all of my deviations
Don't kill me plz ;v;

(Also I was tired when I drew this the other day, so sorry about the lazy background ^^; )
This is a gift for one of my best friends, :iconauram22: !
We are currently working together to create a story about her main OC, Sky c:  (She is creating the basic storyline, I am writing it all down.)

Characters are,
Sky/angel - Black and white she-cat with blue eyes. 
Sky - White/grey she-kit with closed eyes (but her eyes are blue) 

The story is... (Aura's idea for it is set in the times of the series arc "Dawn of the Clans" and her story if you think of it in a different way, affects the canon storyline.)

A small, sleek-furred ginger tabby tom slipped into a hollow tree trunk, ducking under leaves. He approached a curled up white she-cat quietly, stopping when his legs brushed against her fur.
``How are the kittens, Sky?`` The tom asked, his voice low and soft.
The white she-cat looked up at him, sighing, ``Kit.`` She corrected him, moving her tail to reveal a small, squeaking white she-kit suckling on Sky's teets.
The small ginger tom's ears flattened and he shuddered, ``B-but... a single kit is a bad omen!`` he hissed, his fur bristling.
``That's just an old elder's tale, Thunder. She's the calmest newborn kit I have ever seen,`` Sky, the white she-cat, responded slyly, her tail flicking back to it's original place, covering the suckling kit with it's fluffy, cotton-like fur.
``I suppose so.``  Thunder turned away, huffing, before padding out of the hollow trunk, heading over to a cluster of cats to speak with them.

Back with Sky, the white she-cat stood, unsheathing her claws.
``So fragile and helpless. I was mates with Thunder only to get a strong and powerful kit... but this?`` She paused, pressing her claws down on her kitten, before continuing, ``Such a weak little creature.``
Sky dug her claws into her kit's flesh, making it mewl, it's blood slowly dripping onto the cold, bark floor.
Outside, a purr errupted from a cat's throat, ``I'm sure she is beautiful, Thunder!``. This made Sky panic; she couldn't allow any cat see her trying to kill a kit!

With quick thinking, the white she-cat let her kit go, turning around and quickly scampering out of the den, only to be stopped by Thunder and Tall Shadow.
``Where in Stoneteller's name are you going, Sky?`` Tall Shadow questioned, her thin, black tail swishing back and forth.
Sky awkwardly smiled, ``O-Only for a quick hunt. I'll be back before you know it, I promise!`` She answered, not waiting for a reply before she sprinted off into the woods.
I definitely wont be going back to them anytime soon... Sky hissed in her mind as she ran.


Character Name(s): Sky + Skykit
Character Species(s): Cat
Character Fandom: Warriors (Cats)
Character Owner: 

Time Taken: N/A
Speedpaint: N/A
Drawing Program: 
MediBang Paint Pro
Layer Count: N/A
Drawing Tablet: N/A (since i have literally no idea which tablet it is. I know it is a WACOM tablet, though!!)

Sky + Skykit -- AuraM22 
Art (c) LolliChaan
Warriors (c) Erin Hunter
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