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Blackstar | Warriors by LolliChaan Blackstar | Warriors by LolliChaan
woo two submissions in one daaaayyy
although this isn't rareee
since i did this literally the other weeek

-The colouring is a little messy but i couldnt be bothered to correct it

Anyway, have a Blackstar. (I have a thing with drawing cats looking right with a side-view... well... view on them??)
Design: I've honestly always imagined Blackstar as a seal-point, not this odd genetically-incorrect (i think...) white cat (with black paws) named BLACKstar. Like, seriously, who would have named their WHITE kit "BLACK"kit??? Anyway, because of him now being a seal-point, he wouldn't be able to hold those yellow/amber eyes everyone headcanons him with. So, I changed them to blue, the normal eye colour for point cats.

                                                          !ANY CRITIQUES WILL BE GRATEFULLY ACCEPTED!


Character Name: Blackstar
Character Species: Cat
Character Fandom: Warriors (Cats)
Character Owner: Erin Hunter

Time Taken: Approximately 30-45 minutes
Speedpaint: //
Drawing Program: MediBang Paint Pro
Layer Count: 10
Drawing Tablet: N/A (since i have literally no idea which tablet it is. I know it is a WACOM tablet, though!!)

Art (c) LolliChaan
Warriors + Blackstar (c) Erin Hunter

(anyone has full permission to use my Blackstar design, as long as you credit me in the artist's description with, without the spaces, : iconlollichaan :!  E.g., 'Credit to :iconlollichaan: for the design')
Do not reupload, sell or claim as your own. Tracing and referencing is allowed, though only with EXPLICIT WRITTEN PERMISSION. Thank you!
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June 20
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