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By lolke12
Iron Will is my name, training ponies is my game!
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I used your vector on this card

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Used this in my stamp!

I Ship IronMaud Stamp by WolfCrestSox5X
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"Iron Will's training regiment - when building confidence, accept no substitutes!"
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“I am Iron Will and I approve of this message!”
Hay, I’d vote for him.
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i like iron will 40% and i hate him 50%
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Man, do I hate this Minotaur. He treats Goats like scum and teaches Ponies to be jerks!

If I would find some way to get back at him for ruining lives.
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Someone should make the "Iron Will Seal of Approval" with this vector :D
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mr t + minotaur = this guy
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pain is no match for the icy hot patch
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I liked Iron Will. He was pretty polite and reasonable when the situation called for it, like letting Pinkie and Rarity look for Fluttershy, and knocking on Fluttershy's door rather than breaking it down like you'd expect. Plus he respected Fluttershy's decision that she wasn't satisfied without pushing the issue to violence or getting really mad, and left them all on pretty peaceful terms.

Really, Iron Will seems like a pretty nice guy overall.
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Cool story, brony!
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oh yeah breaking the fourth wall!oh come on he s not a villain! he didnt know about flutterbitch..who was hidden inside fluttershy
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why do I hate him so much
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100% Iron Will approved
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