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HERRO! I haven't been using Deviant Art for a while... I don't use it as much because there is nothing for me to do here... :P I just use Deviant Art to upload drawings. I am planning to upload screen shots of stuff I am working on, but... I'm not working on anything... XD

I have mostly been watching Anime lately and I am also trying to edit Swalots-Avenue. I sold for $5's because I wasn't using it. :( I got only $4.50 because of Namecheap's cut...
I have been working on both of my main sites, Swalots-Avenue and Lostlorn Forest. Sadly to say I haven't been updating my network site :( I am planning on working on all of my sites over Thanksgiving break. :D
Well I found my cell phone. It was under the seat in my dad's phone. I over reacted, which I do a lot.

I won a contest at, so I have a new host for I am going to start to move to the host soon, so won't be up soon. It is a reseller hosting so I might start a free hosting thing for Pokemon fansites or anime so I'm planning on a name for the domain.
DAMITT!!! D:< I am so mad, stressed and sad. You could tell by the title why I am mad. Well if you're your to lazy to read the title, then I'll tell you why I'm mad. I am mad since I lost my cellphone.

Well it all started Thursday. My dad picked my up with my sister. I then called my brother to tell him I didn't take the bus when I was on the car. This is all I can remember.

Friday I couldn't find it. It shouldn't be in school. I checked my room and dining room.

I hope I can find it...
Whoa... Its been a year since I logged into DA. Well, thats mostly all I have to say... I'm saving up for a tablet.