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Water Goddess 5


this is an entry in the April monthly theme by :iconlove-new-artists: when we sleep the magic happens,thats what we call :dream

in the same collection of water goddess 1 by Lolita-Artz  water goddess 2 by Lolita-Artz  Water Goddess 3 by Lolita-Artz  Water Goddess 4 by Lolita-Artz 
yes i take commissions :) (Smile)     if you like my arts and want to encourage me,i also have a facebook page here… and…
i dedicace this work for my dear friend Lilia and Marci :iconincantata:  :iconmarphilhearts:to make me want to explore more and use my own stocks,thank you girls! much love :heart:

model Dreaming THIS IS NOT A STOCK PICTURE!!!used with the written permission of Tikal-SH
picture credits:
Model: Dessyslava
MUA & headpiece: :iconmirsea: -…
Dress: Les Créations de l'Elfe
Photo & retouch: A.Glaskova
You can visit her fb -
Antonia Glaskova | photography page or instagram -
nebula Nebula Stock 3  :iconcosmicspark:
horn Shell Stock 1  :iconmelyssah6-stock:
cliffs-waterfalls-sky Cliffs and Waterfalls For Background Use  :iconannamae22:
my own stocks :iconlolita-artz:
water texture STOCK nature 2
tree STOCK nature
duck STOCK duck
chipmunk STOCK chipmunk
purple flowers STOCK flower bush
flowers into the hair STOCK flower
water splash texture halloween glitters stock
dress texture glitter texture (stock)

everything else painted with photoshop CS6

thank you very much for all favs!! its not always possible to thank you all one by one because of the spaming dA system but all support mean the world for me and encourage me to do more arts Heart

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great artworks - insane fantastic style Love Clap Nod 
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thank you very much!! i hope you like the other creations of my water goddess collection :)
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It likes a tale for children ; so cute and adorable!!!!!!!!!!!bell flowers 
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I have missed so many works hah :lol: :clap: :clap:
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lol^^ the same for me,i am so late! xD
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Beautiful work! :)
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aw thanks!!! ^^
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My head goes all quiet when I watch this. It positively breathes calmness.

Beautiful and serene.
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thank you very much i am happy my arts give you this feeling :hug:
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so enchanting and magical, such beauty :heart:
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thank you dear!:heart:
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Brillant Awesome :love:
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Fantastic imagination here Julie, wonderfully warm and excellent art!! Love all the ones in this 'Goddess' series!:heart:
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thank you very much my friend! :heart: i am happy you love this collection ^^
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Aww:aww: You are so kindly welcome dear. It's so nice to see you back as well!:hug:
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Great work along with the superb composition!:heart:
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