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my second entry for the contest Supreme Regents of the Universe: contest CLOSEDNew contest for members
Theme: Titans

Who were the Titans?
Frequently called elder gods, they have been for many ages the supreme regents of the universe, with a huge size and being incredibly strong. The Titans (male) and Titaness  (female) are figures of Greek Mythology. According to Greek myth, the Titans formed one race of powerful gods who ruled during the Golden Age. According to Greek mythology, the Titans were sons of Uranus (deity who personified the sky) and Gaia (Earth goddess).
Names of the Titans
Coeus:  Titan of intelligence.Oceanus: Represented the river that surrounds the world.
Crius: Titan of herds, the cold and winter.Hyperion: Titan of Vision  and astral fire.Iapetus: Brother of Cronus, "punch" god-Titans of time and human life and mortality and is also associated with craftsmanship.Cronus: Was king of
:iconthe-imaginarium: OMG i won first place,i am so happy! thank you so much :dance: Supreme Regents of the Universe: winners

model Era2 
hair Hair Part 2 
:icontrisste-stocks: and painted by me
textures Rain Texture1 
Ice Galacy Texture 
Stock Image - Blue Space Nebula  :iconparadisiacpicture:
Star Fabric  :iconpaulinemoss:
jewels Necklace, beads, jewelry, frames 
drapes White Drapes Backdrop 
sword Sword pack 1 
scale  Scales of Justice - 01 by LunaNYXstock
everything else belongs to me or was painted by me with photoshop CS6

thank you very much for all favs!! its not always possible to thank you all one by one because of the spaming dA system but all support mean the world for me and encourage me to do more arts Heart

more Tethys sisters by Lolita-Artz Kiss Me by Lolita-Artz I Will Be Your Queen by Lolita-Artz

Press Watch by TouchofArtistry

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My name is Sergi. I am from Barcelona. I have a blog about myths and legends. I put your amazing work in my blog. I hope you agree.

I puy your deviantart address.

Merci Beaucuop…