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héhéhé un meme voler a :iconlohiaxel: :3 :heart:

1: Full Name: Loïse Loli [...]
3:Zodiac Sign: Gemini or Cancer... I was born the 21th of june so... somedy tell me it's Gemini, another tell me it's cancer so I don't know :p
4:Elementary School: ☑
5:Shoe Size:  37-38 it's normal I think :p
6: Eye Color: Hanw! Hmm My eyes change colors according to the weather report xDDD so they're Green, grey and blue :3
7: Natural Hair Color:  Blond and I want to keep this color :3
8: Tall Or Short: Middle...
9: Sweats or Jean: Jeans :3 (the truth is, I don't know this question mean xD )
10: Orange or Apple: Apple!
11: Do You Have A Crush On Someone: Yéhéhé *w*
12: Eat Or Drink: Eat but it's not very good for my stomach xD
13: Piercings: Yep! :p
14: Pepsi or Coke: COCAÏNE mouhahaha! I'm a toxicowoman!.... I like the two.

Have You Ever
15: Been In An Airplane: Yes! A lot of time ;)
16: Been In A Relationship: Yep!
17: Been In A Car Accident: Yep, but it was fun 'cause
18: Been In A Fist Fight: No xD

First & Last
20 First piercings: Ear piercing :)
21:First Best friend: Elementary School :p
22: First Award: hum?
23: First Love: LOLILOL i don't remember... I think I had 6 or 7 in the same time xD
24: First Word: i don't know...
25: Last Person I Talked To In Person: Mother
26:Last Person I Texted: My best friend :3
27: Last Friend You Watched : A friend called Quentin :3
28: Last Food You Ate: Galette des rois :)
29:Last Movie You Watched In The Theater: Dom Juan! It was great!
30: Last Song You Listened To: Somedy I used to know- Godye. This is AMAZING. love this song
31: Last Thing You Bought: My new graphic tablet ♥
32: Last Person You Hugged: :iconboobsinette:

33: Food: Cordon bleu héhé! :p
34: Drink: Diabolo grenadine ♥
35:Flower: Rose or Orthencia
36: Animal: Horse of course :3
37:Color: Red
38: Place: Hmm my bed I think or front of my computer xD
39: Movie: Pride and Predjudice ♥
40: Subject: Biologie and french (so I loved art but there's not in High School...)

Have You
41: Fallen In Love: Yap!
42: Celebrated Halloween: Yep!
43: Went Over Minutes On Your Phone: Yip!
44: Wanted To Smack Someone: Hmmm why not? :p
46: Did Something You Regret: Like everybody?
47: Broke A Promise: yes... ^^'
48: Hid A Secret: Yop!
49: Pretend To Be A Happy: Yup!

Your Future:
50:Want Kids: Of course! But I need to find somebody before xDD
51: Want To Get Married: It's not an obligation :3
52: Career: Cancerologue :)

Better In Opposite Gender:
53: Lips Or Eyes: Eyes!
54: Short or Tall: I d'on't care but i prefer taller than me :)
55: Romantic or Spontaneous: the two!
56: Hook Up Or Relationship: Relationship! :p
57: Look Or Personality: Personnality!

Have You Ever:
58: Lost Glasses\Contacts: YAH xDDD sometimes i lost my contacts in the swimming pool :p
59:Snuck Out: Yes but it's a secret :3
60: Held Gun/Knife for Self Defense: o_o
61: Broke Someones Heart : I wish not :p
62: Been In Love: Yep!
63: Been Arrested: YARGH 'cause I'm a toxicowomen ♪

Do You Believe In:
64: Yourself: hahaha! lol.
65: Miracles : I don't know..
66: Love At First Sight: yes :3
67: Santa: no.
68: Forever And Always: ??

69: Is There One Person You Want To Be with Right Now: My best friend :3
70: Who Are Your Real Friends: Ohhh I hope all my best friends are my REAL friends ♥

Ca y'est vous êtes au taquet sur mon INCREDIBLE vie xD
  • Listening to: Somebody I used to know
  • Reading: La promesse de l'aube
  • Watching: Castle ♥♥♥
  • Eating: cookies
  • Drinking: water

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