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Character Creation Challenge!

Here's your elegance, Lady Cristella!

Character created through a list of criteria, based on Lol:
1. Eye colour is birthstone (Garnet)
2. If hair is natural in colour, give long hair (Yes)
3. If extrovert, give hair colour streaks (Yes)
4. Shirt color is character's hair color (pale blue and bronze)
5. Favourite color is skin tone (reddish?)
6. Same gender (Female)
7. If favourite animal has wings, add it
8. If favourite animal has horns, add it (take a wild guess!)
9. If you play MMO's, add elf ears (Yes! Wait.. is that a spoiler?)
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Interesting meme, since her characteristics are resulted/dependant on lol's then its gonna be my headcanon that she is lol's paradoxal daughter! XD

(or maybe lol's other self/persona like Morrigan and lilith from darkstalkers)

(This is just my headcanon though)

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Lovely daughter Lol has. I wonder what Lol's daughter's child would look like...

(Inception fog horn SFX)

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imma do it too

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Ooh! You used a slightly different challenge! Interesting! I like it!

Also Lol plays MMOs?

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Oh yeah! Turns out, it's a whole thing with thousands of different prompts.

Lol plays MMO's and she's in the MMO! (Lol is everywhere!!)

Corrupted-Ciphers's avatar

Ooh! Nice! I might do another prompt thing one day, but idk. If there's a lot then probably lol.

Ooh :0 Lol is the MMO

LolExtended's avatar

Ooh! That'd be fun!

Yes! Lol IS the MMO! XD

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