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Thank you all SOOOOO much for the birthday wishes!!!!!! 

Now let's see if I can go back to posting art a *little* more regularly ;)

This is just a quick journal to let you know that I've started regularly updating my website again! In case you're interested, I basically add new art, new book covers, and pictures and stuff.
The only drawback is that it's all in Spanish, but I don't really write all that much so you can just go see the purty pictures if you want :aww:

I'm also on Twitter (again, mostly in Spanish):
And on Tumblr (that one's basically just for cool photography and hot British dudes :giggle:):
Why do I always get such a block whenever I want to post a journal here?? It's crazy! The moment I open the "New Journal Entry" button it's like my mind goes completely blank! lol! I think the only way to do this without turning into a blabbering idiot is to make a list, so here we go!

- Life is good! Work is hard! LOLA'S BUSY! :D
- I don't come here as often as I used to, so if you need to contact me, please do so by email (lolitars at hotmail dot com). Otherwise I might not read it in weeks!
- I'm not taking any commissions or requests anymore, sorry :(
- You can follow me on Tumblr! I use it on my phone so I'm more active there ^__^
- I'm sooooo obsessed with North and South and friggin' Richard Armitage!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
- Basically I'm in love with costume dramas and the BBC and British actors and The Hobbit and Doctor Who and Sherlock and Pride and Prejudice and someone help me oh my gawddd!!
- There's a Harry Potter comic in my hard drive that's begging to be finished, but I can never find the right punchline! If I ever do, you'll all be the first to know :D
- I've been reading your comments for the past few months and you guys are SO EFFING FUNNY!! Seriously, I spent 15 minutes with this huge grin on my face while I read!
- I've also been looking through my galleries and there's some really old and bad art in there lol!
- There's a Rapunzel fanart I need to finish...
- I hope you're all okay and happy! :la:

See you soon!!! :heart:
I just wanted to give you guys a little update on why I haven't been posting anything here lately: it's nothing out of the ordinary, I'm just super busy! During the last months I've been making book covers, which apparently I'm good at (who knew?!). I will post them as soon as the publisher lets me of course :aww:
I've also been inking illustrations for another book (not the most rewarding of jobs, but I did learn a lot from the actual illustrator and the money was good so, not complaining! :la:) And right now I'm illustrating the 2nd part of Dark Lord, The Teenage Years.
So even though I am DYING to draw something just for fun, I haven't been able to! Still, I have some stuff planned for when my schedule clears up a bit, so that's something to look forward to :boogie:

I hope you're all doing great, and as usual, thank you SO SO much for the favs, the watches and the amazing comments you've been leaving me here!!!

See you all soon! :aww:
Thank you all SO SO much for all the comments and favs on the picture I posted of my first illustrated book!! My smile is so big right now my face's starting to hurt :giggle:

I just posted an original drawing I've been working on for ages, so now that that's out of the way, I can finally get some fanart done :D I have a HP comic that I'd love to finish, but I can't for the life of me think of a good punchline... I will though! Don't worry :aww:

Going to play some Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword now! Have you guys played it? Did you like it? I just landed on the surface and I'm in the Faron Woods; so far I like it, but there are a couple of things that bother me A LOT: no map on the main screen, and that robot/spirit lady companion is really boring. What did you think of it?

Anyway, I hope you have a great week everyone!! :heart:
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Commission Status: CLOSED

Ugh! Why is it always so hard for me to write on this thing? I can't believe I get stage fright on a freaking journal, but I kinda do :giggle:

Anyway, I've been trying to draw some fan art lately but life's been so hectic I haven't had time to do anything other than doodle on the corners of napkins. And I'm not complaining or anything; I'm insanely happy to be working on what I love most (which is drawing, *snape voice on* obviously *snape voice off*). But sometimes you just need to unwind and draw your favorite characters smooching, ya know? :D

So what's on my to-do list right now?
  1. - Finish an original painting I've been working on 5 minutes at a time for like 2 months.
  2. - Do some Mary/Mathew fan art and even maybe some Branson/Sybill from Downton Abbey (I'm crazy about that show).
  3. - Draw a new Harry Potter comic, cause I have a few ideas that I think would be funny.
  4. - Hunger Games stuff of course! The movie's almost out and I'd love to do something before that, while my mind is still not "polluted" by the movie (which looks like it's going to be great by the way!)

I like making lists :aww:

By the way, my first book (the first book illustrated by me, that is) comes out next wednesday here in Spain!! I'm freaking out! :boogie: I'll post pictures when I can :D

Have a great weekend everyone!
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Check it out, my drawing of Katniss got featured in this month's issue of Movie Magic Magazine!!!! I was super excited when the editor contacted me, but I was ECSTATIC when I actually saw it!!

Also, HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!! How's 2012 going so far? :D
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So I just finished illustrating my very first book!! YAY!
It's the Spanish translation of a British book called "The Teenage Years (Dark Lord)" and it comes out in March, so I am a happy girl right now :boogie:
The sorta bad news though is that I'm starting pretty much now with another project, which means I probably won't be able to post any art in here for a while :(

Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say hi and also Happy Holidays everyone!
I hope you're all okay, and having fun with the family :D
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I'm in a bit of a hurry so instead of spending an hour thinking how to write all the randomness I want to post, I'll just make a list :D

- I wanted to thank you all SO, SO MUCH for all the birthday wishes!!! You guys are amazing :heart:
- I'm pretty busy drawing stuff that I can't post here so I've been neglecting DA a little lately. But I'll try to post some of my own stuff soon!
- Quick question: does anyone know of a good program I could use to make video tutorials? Like something that records your desktop? I tried a couple but they were awful.
- Only three days until Misfits comes back!!!!

And I think that's all! I hope everyone's having a great week :aww:
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First of all, I would like to thank you all SO.SO.MUCH for all the views, and favorites and comments lately!! My last Harry Potter deviation has gotten a ton of attention and I have to say, I had the greatest time reading all your comments!! You guys are so funny and it's always such a pleasure to read what you have to say :D
I hope to be able to pay you back with one of my HP comics soon, I know how you like them :giggle:

And now about commissions:
My notes folder is a freaking mess, and it would really help if anyone who has contacted me about a commission would please contact me again. I know I accidentally deleted a few messages and I'm not sure if there was any commission related ones among them so like I said, if you sent me a note about a commission and either didn't get a reply, or didn't get the commission, please PLEASE contact me again.

Take care everyone! :D
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I just wanted to post a short entry to let you know that I just moved to a new apartment and I've been without an internet conexion until now!
So if you noted/e-mailed me and didn't get an answer, that's the reason :D
I'm getting up to date with all my messages and everything so don't despair, I'll get back to you in no time!! :boogie:

In other news, I LOVED X MEN FIRST CLASS!!! Who's with me?!
Oh and I'm completely addicted to MISFITS :la:
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OMG today I went to see the Cirque du Soleil and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!
I wish I'd had a notepad and a bit of light because I would've loved to sketch every.single.thing! I'm going to try to draw a few things from memory anyway though!
Seriously, what an incredible experience!! :la::la::la:
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  • Watching: Modern Family
  • Playing: Dragon Age; Origins
  • Eating: Jaffa Cakes
  • Drinking: Diet Coke
Check it out! One of my Katniss drawings was featured along with other really cool fanarts of the Hunger Games on!!!
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I finally saw Tangled the other day, and I absolutely LOVED it!! I really wasn't expecting to like it, because the last Disney movie I saw made me want to punch a baby (O HAI Princess and the Frog!!), but I have to say, I really, really enjoyed this one. I think the fact that the story had a little depth (the Mother Gothel/Rapunzel relationship) made a world of difference.

Eugene would've been such cliché character in any other movie, but here his kind of comic relief actually works because it balances out the "seriousness" of the rest of the story. Not that the other characters are serious, but even though Rapunzel is very light-hearted you can never forget the incredibly depressing situation she's in.

The visuals were also amazing; the castle lights, the tower, the forest... Every environment was soooo beautiful and so perfect! And they even managed to make scenes with no grand landscapes -like when they're in the cave about to drown- look beautiful with things like the glowing hair, or the sun pattern...

And to top it all off, the music was excellent! Again, I wasn't expecting much in the music department after the Freaking Princess and the Freaking Frog, and I got a pleasant surprise. The Healing Incantation was almost as enchanting as the song Ariel sings when Ursula takes he voice in The Little Mermaid, like mystery and magic turned into song, if that makes any sense. Not to mention When Will My Life Begin and I See the Light! I've been listening to those three non-stop for the last week lol!

I should really do some Rapunzel fanart :la:

And in other news, I recently made myself a Tumblr! This is it right here:
I'm still figuring out how it works and what the point of it is (is it a blog? Is it a photolog? WHO KNOWS?), but my intention is to post doodles, photos, drawings, memes etc. So you know, if you want to check it out, there it is :boogie:
So remember all those illustrations I've been posting lately from the book "Los Cuentos de Bereth", by my friend Javier Ruescas? They were all for the trailer for the third and last installment of the saga, and now the trailer is finally online!!
And it looks soooooooooo damn cool!!


Also, it's narrated by a professional dubbing actress, and it sounds freaking amazing.
It's in Spanish though, so a lot of you won't understand it, but still, I think it's well worth watching! :la:

This time around the video is not about the prologue or about any chapter in particular; it's told from the point of view of Lyssel, the heir to the throne of Salmat (one of the countries featured in the story, like Bereth), who explains how much the continent has suffered and how they will do whatever it takes and fight whoever it takes to save their world from the evil muses (and hot Dimitri!).

The book (for my Spanish friends here) will come out this week and I really recommend it!

So anyway, go watch the vid! I'll post the rest of the illustrations here soon :heart: Here are the ones I already posted.

LCDB III: Sirgeric by Loleia LCDB III: Cinthia the Archer by Loleia
LCDB III: Adharel the Brave by Loleia LCDB III: Fighting Duna by Loleia
LCDB III: Devious Dimitri by Loleia LCDB III: Duna and the Dragon by Loleia
LCDB III: Mysterious Wilhelm by Loleia

So, I got my copy of Dragon Age 2 a couple of days ago and I gotta say... NOT IMPRESSED. :iconfullofshtplz:

Also, I'm re-watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I forgot how much I LOVE that show! I really need to do some fanart of it soon. Also maybe I'll draw Flemmeth... her revamp is one of the only things I do like about DA2.
So I just watched "The King's Speech" and of course I loved it to bits, but let me ask you something; was I the only one geeking the hell out at the Lizzie and Darcy reunion?!
Here, I got a screencap of the two of them together:…

For those who don't know what I'm talking about, Jennifer Ehle (Lizzie Bennet in the BBC's Pride and Prejudice) played the speech coach's wife, and Colin Firth (Mr Darcy) was George VI and in one scene they actually meet!! I don't know why it felt like such a big deal, but I was jumping up and down when it happened! :giggle:
And even David Bamber (Mr Collins) had a sort of cameo as a theater manager!

Maybe it's because I've always been MADLY in love with the BBC adaptation of P&P, but this just made my day :love:
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Woohoo! It's been a while, right? If I wrote journals more often I think it would be easier because there'd be less... "pressure" I guess. Right now it feels like after not writing for months, I better come up with something smart and funny, which I can never do under pressure :giggle:

So a couple of weeks ago I won 1st prize on the Holiday Contest over at :iconweasleyfanclub: and one of the prizes was a 3-month subscription from the lovely :icontwirkle:, ergo: HAPPY! :w00t:
I didn't realize how much I missed having a subscription until I actually got one and all those horrible, horrible ads were gone. Seriously, have you guys seen those expanding ads in the galleries?! No offence DA, but what the hell?

(*ahem*) ANYWAY! :giggle: I got a lot of other prizes in the form of art requests, and now that I am a premium member I can actually feature them here! So far I have two, and I absolutely love them, check them out:

HP - Teach Me How To Fly by dhauber Ginny Weasley - Quidditch by bbandittt

The first one is from :icondhauber: and the second one from :iconbbandittt:

More to come! :love:
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So yesterday was my DA bday and I wanted to thank you all VERY VERY much for all the llamas!! :glomp:

In other news, I've been pretty inspired lately which is unusual lol! I plan on doing character posters of Gale and Johanna from the Hunger Games next, but I'm also planning on doing some original stuff because I'm making a portfolio and I really don't think I should include too much fanart ;) Does anyone have any tips on building portfolios?

Oh and I have 3 spots for $25 portrait commissions if anyone's interested :aww:

Have a great week everyone! :heart:
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I'm bored. Incredibly bored.

And you'd think that being bored I would finally have the time to draw and finish all those ideas I've been having for months. But noooooooooooo. I'm utterly uninspired. Seriously, every time I open Photoshop or pick up a pencil, I GET NOTHING. I'm drawing a blank (pardon the pun).


I'm guessing I'm not the only one with this problem though, am I right? ;)