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Twilight: On Jacob's fur
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The following quote and illustration are spoilers for the book Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer.

After a few minutes, I leaned against his wide shoulder. It was much more comfortable that way.

Eclipse, by Stephenie Meyer
Chapter 19, Selfish

After reading this line, what I pictured in my head is what I have drawn here. Having a giant werewolf as a friend must be soooo comfortable! lol
Anyway, after reading it more times I realized Jacob was probably more like a couch that Bella was "sitting" on, but I really liked this pose when I first imagined it so I'm sticking to it :D
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Winter-Alpha-Wolf|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Incredible do you take trades?
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TeapotMysteries|Professional General Artist
Hello from :iconmoviecuties: #MovieCuties you've been feature in our blog. please drop by the group and fav it.
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Aruubi|Student Traditional Artist
That wolf is SO FREAKING CUTE! You need to draw just Jacob, with that face.
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IvyRoseGreenfeild's avatar
This is so cute! Team Jacob!
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I'm not usually a huge twilight fan but this is good. I especially like Jacob's face.
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TheVelma16|Student General Artist
wow werewolf jacob looks like a Brown version of my dog....all his fur need to do is change from brown to grey and the tips of the ears bent and he'll look exactly like my dog..
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Miss-Mae's avatar
Miss-Mae|Professional Digital Artist
Man, I love your style! Bella looks great and Jake looks awesome in his wolf form. :D
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SeaShepherd21's avatar
OMG This is cute!
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kuromizuma's avatar
kuromizuma|Hobbyist General Artist
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Kicquapu's avatar
XD Jake's face is in the cutest expression ever! i love it!
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AztecRae's avatar
That it just pure cuteness lol
amazing talent.
:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

*green eyeed monster*
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Cheekydesignz|Professional General Artist
You've been featured here: [link] hope you don't mind!!! :D don't forget to fav the article to spread your talent!
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YattaChan's avatar
wahhh pratty!!!!!!
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SableSpike747's avatar
I'm not a fan of Twilight, but this is just so cute. :heart:
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Temari-sand's avatar
aaaaoooo *.* love jacob... hate bella ¬¬
jacob´s face is really cute ooh my poor U.U
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Lamuria-Eclipse's avatar
Lamuria-Eclipse|Hobbyist General Artist
i completely agree with you ^^
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Tree-Vixen's avatar
yeah, I've seen different interpretations of that scene... it's my favorite part in the book. I think this was really well done. I love the puppy dog expression on jacob's face. no pun intended. :D :+fav:
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TheTwilightHorse's avatar
Dawww so cute!!!
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SuperherogirlCat's avatar
SuperherogirlCat|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aw. :3 I'm not a huge Twilight fan, but this is a sweet picture. I like the way you've drawn wolf!Jacob especially.
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he needs black eyes not gold!!!!!! if u red the book u would no that!!!!!
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Six-Penn's avatar
Haha I can see the thoughts running across his brain now:
Jacob: "What the HELL do you think you're doing?"
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amiteaelfkin's avatar
oh that's so cute. I want a werewolf friend. :D
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Artslavist's avatar
Artslavist|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OMG Jacob is too adorable ^^ I did one of him as a wolf and Bella too - but I think yours is MUCH cuter ^^
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