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Harry Potter Comic 08

By Loleia

It always makes me smile, when I read the scene where Voldemort steals Dumbledore's wand, to think of the first person to find Dumbledore's cracked open tomb. I mean, can you imagine? You're just running around, carefree, down your school's grounds "la la la la", and suddenly WHAM! A freakin' dead body! Instant trauma :giggle:

(c) J.K. Rowling

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Plan to do anything for The Cursed Child?
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Why would they just place the STRONGEST wand ever in a not very strong place they should've put it in gringotts or something but they definitely shouldn't have put it in a easily assessable place!
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Because no one knew it was there. It took Voldemort almost half a year to simply find out that Dumbledore was the last wielder. Even after Voldemort's death, Harry just fixes his holly and phoenix wand and puts the Elder Wand back in the tomb.

Everyone would expect something that powerful to be locked away in a vault or other hard-to-access place, but no one will bother or even think of checking a much less secure area, because only a crazy person would leave something so valuable in a place such as the tomb of Albus Dumbledore, who isn't even the master of the Elder Wand anymore as far as any ambituous duelers would be concerned. Harry publicly announced in his last duel against Voldemort, in the Great Hall, that if he was the master of the wand, a fact that was proven when it refused to kill him and let Voldy get blasted by his own spell for the second (and last) time. If anyone were interested in it, Harry would be the person they'd be looking into, not the tomb of a revered headmaster whose only remaining link to the wand is that he was the last wielder before Voldemort and Harry.

I mean, there's no hint that the wand's been stolen in the 19 years after, so it looks like so far it was crazy enough to work. Plus the only people who know of the Elder Wand's location are Harry, the pre-Snape headmaster portraits who listened in to Harry and Dumbledore's conversation, and possibly Ron and Hermione (I don't think it'd be unlikely if he trusted them with this information).
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Wait what was a coffin doing by the lake to begin with??
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It was Dumbledore's. Harry decided that Dumbledore should be buried in the school grounds.
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But shouldn't there a better place to burry him? Oh! He digged him out! I thought His grave was just left for the taking!
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great comic!!! I love it!
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how did you make that comic and put it on your page with it looking so good and flawless ?
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Why do I automatically think of Helen Lovejoy from the Simpsons when I read that "think of the children" quote?
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The first thing I think of is from the IDW Ghostbusters comics when the Ghostbusters are trapped in a limbo and have to explode a proton pack to get back which could either rip a hole between dimensions or cause the realities to collapse on themselves. Peter asks, 'Egon, gimme a number on a scale of one to "oh god, think of the children.'" 
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Omg, I've read all eight... Can you please do more comics?
FREAK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THIS IS PANIC MODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I think it's the funniest thing I've ever seen among Harry Potter fan art stuff :happybounce: 
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1938... born on New Year's Eve 1937.
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BUAHAHAHA!!!llol....I saw this at work and I tried to explain it to my ancient co-worker...and he thought i was crazy. love it!
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Oh my gosh... I never even... lmao
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