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Harry Potter Comic 07



The good guys in Harry Potter have a SERIOUS communication problem!! It's one of the things I love about HP; Harry is always completely clueless! lol!

I chose "secrets" that would've really helped Harry if he had known them (that Tom Riddle was Voldemort, that the "secret weapon" was a prophecy and not him, that Dumbledore knew about Draco...) but that people chose to hide from him for reasons passing understanding :giggle:

(c) J.K. Rowling

People, please stop commenting to tell me that it's "Sorcerer's Stone" and not "Philosopher's Stone". IT'S ONLY CALLED SORCERER'S STONE IN THE AMERICAN EDITION. You can't call yourself a Harry Potter fan and not know that, come on! See for yourselves!.

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Pretty much, that was the whole point of the stories. To answer give an answer as to who or what the subject was.