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Harry Potter Comic 05

By Loleia
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: I always get so mad at Ron and Hermione for not calling Harry on all his crap!! This is from when they meet for the first time in the book and Harry totally explodes.

In the book Ron and Hermione just stutter and make excuses and Hermione cries a little. And all I can ever think about when I read it is "OMG SOMEONE KICK HIM IN THE NUTS AND BE DONE WITH IT!".

So here's what I would've like Ron and Hermione to do :D
And yeah, she's totally feeling his ass in the last panel LOL!! (And she won't let Ron chuck dungbombs at Kreacher, but Harry doesn't need to know that ^^)

I almost didn't upload this because it's not very well drawn and it's not as funny as it was in my head, but I spent an afternoon doing it so here it is ;)

(c) J.K. Rowling

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I think this ridiculous Harry wants to know what's going on so he asked his friends about the meeting but they are told by Dumbledore to be quiet to Harry, Besides they are friends I know it's your thinking but Harry would barged in the meeting and tell the older of phoenix "Tell me right now or I will start accusing people" looking at Snape Dumbledore would be like Harry "Calm down". Harry would be like "Tell me everything now Dumbledore like Snape hates my father" Remus and Sirius would be on Harry's side. So Dumbledore tells everyone why Harry is important Hermione and Ron would apologize to Harry.

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Just started reading the books recently, got to book 5 and gotta say this just feels so right!...except for Hermione in the end there, we all know she wouldn't let Ron throw Dungbombs at Kreacher lol

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I see where your hand is, Granger
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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Errr,no... Harry definitely is in the right in that instance. Then again, you can't spell Dumbledore without Dumb....
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oops sorry I should have written: Snape just said "concentrate" AS IF Harry already knew everything about Occlumency (Snape's way is like demanding a person, who just knows the name "boxe", to already be able to fight a professional boxer)

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I totally agree -.- the worst was letting the totally unprofessional SNAPE in doing Occlumency: no real basic information (just "concentrate" as Harry already knew all of it), not a word about the "weapon", Harry had little to hide because he did not know ANYTHING about the situation, and finally he quit the lessons instead of discussing in a civil way with Harry about his worst memory
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If Snape was smarter , he would have made Harry hate James bit by bit instead of bullying him like a douche...
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He would stop mistaking Harry for a new James, and would admit his own faults
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FWI, Harry's been through hell!
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*hugs Harry around the middle* There, there, you smol cinnamon roll.
Good thing they were caring enough friends to take into consideration what Harry had gone through in the graveyard. 
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First of all, Harry could have just grabbed a broom and flew over the set. Something he would have thought of if Weasley hadn't immediately said he could beat the chess set.

Second, ONLY Riddle an kill Harry and vice versa. So, the Basilisk stare would have done all of dick.

Third against Quirrelmort or the Basilisk Ron and Hermione would be less than useless.

Now, Harry did blow up, but he had damned good reason. He just witnessed someone killed, was used in a ritual, was tortured and then sent to live with 3 gits while his two "best friends" cut off all communication. So Ron and Hermione deserved it.
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and Dumbledore MOST of all deserved this scene
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thats what i was thinking
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I love Harry's face in the third panel!
Wow. There was no "crap" to be called out. Harry had only recently and barely escaped with his life after being tied up, cut with a knife, tortured and almost killed by the man who murdered his parents. He watched a classmate of his murdered. It's completely 100% understandable that he's be a bit fucked up, and thank god Ron and Hermione were loving and emotionally intelligent enough to understand that. You don't abandon a friend because their PTSD makes them act out.
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Exactly, though they also knew they really fucked up over the summer by not sending him any mail or anything as well. Really, they deserved a heap ton more crap than this.
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Haha " And all I can ever think about when I read it is "OMG SOMEONE KICK HIM IN THE NUTS AND BE DONE WITH IT!" XD True
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