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Harry Potter Comic 03

By Loleia
It's gotta be so much fun to be one of the Potter kids... And I love the idea that Harry has a super-secret-drawer full of crazy fun stuff (WWW products, the Marauder's Map, the Invisibility Cloak etc...) that the kids keep trying to open over and over again lol
Obviously they have succeded more than once ;)

EDIT: I need to fix Albus' eyes; I had only read DH once when I drew this and I forgot that Albus is supposed to look almost exactly like Harry ;)

(c) J.K. Rowling.

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i wanna die
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[ftu] dabbing blueberry  I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
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Harry: Kids! If you don't behave yourselfs for Grandma Molly, I'm gonna send you out to see Uncle Vernon.

All three: YESSIR! (suddenly all run to their rooms to clean)

Harry: (smirks a bit) upside of my better relationship with them...I can make them threats without them being mad.
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Where have you been taking them all these years, Harry?
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Or his playboy magasins...
I'm gonna throw up!Clefairy: Rainbowsz Clefairy: Rainbowsz Clefairy: Rainbowsz 
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I particularly :lol: at Ginny with Harry's glasses! :D
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Do they really dislike Mrs.Weasley?

Nah, they just hate cleaning their rooms

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I can so picture this happening!!!
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I want those nosebleed nougats
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Yep, i can totally see Harry and Ginny's kids doing that
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Lily doesn't wear glasses, but good job
We actually don't know... I picture her without them, though. 
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ron would have argued with his sister asking why did they have to clean up their rooms if the grandma would not be sleeping in it.
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I love this. I bet they would have a secret stash of Fred and George's candy under their bed.
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At first, when I saw the floating carrot and potatoe I was like: Freaking Out Ababaplz EXO : Reaction King Baekhyun light dance emote So yeah, I started freaking out. But then I was like 'WTF am I freaking out about? This is a Harry Potter comic. And I was like: Shocked Chanyeol [EXO] Kyungsoo Emoticon [EXO] Baekhyun Emoticon  So yeah basically, I realized how stupid I was. I haven't watched or read harry potter in such A LONG TIME! IM SO ASHAMED!EXO - Cutie pie Tao  Please accept these random gifs! Kisses from Jongin [EXO] Chen Emoticon EXO Chen EXO : Chen EXO : Dancing Unicorn EXO : Lay Heart 
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Harry Potter: What Nosebleed Nougats?...
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